Heat, Calm Tummy, And A Woody

Sunday was even hotter than it was on Saturday. It’s ironic that here in the Pacific Northwest our temperatures are in the mid-80s while the Northeast has snow. When the COVID-19 pandemic was just getting started, we decided to buy a couple of portable air conditioners. These are devices that sit on the floor and have large tubes that run to the window. They are bigger and noisier than standard room air conditioners but have the advantage of not requiring any installation. We are both very happy we bought them.

It looks like I’m getting better. I managed to get to midday Sunday without any gastric distress. My prescription pills seem to work quite well. They do have serious side effects, so I am reserving them only for more critical occasions. Enough about my bowels. Under any conditions, they are not a very interesting topic. Mrs. Lion has been wonderful about taking care of me. I’m extremely lucky that she is in my life. Today is Mother’s Day and her three children texted her good wishes.

We watched a kitchen show on QVC this morning. Every Sunday morning we like to do that. I can’t explain what the fascination is. But we like it. This week we bought some Philly cheesesteaks. They were definitely overpriced but looked good and we are starved for a little novelty in the food department. Our favorite Chinese restaurant is closed. Can’t figure out why. Of all the restaurants we know, that one should stay open. Almost all of their business has always been takeout. Go figure. There’s another Chinese restaurant much farther away that also has good food. Maybe we should see if they are open. In this part of the world, it’s very difficult to find good Chinese food. It’s absolutely impossible to find a good pizza or bagels.

Apropos of nothing I found myself with an erection on Sunday morning. That’s a very good sign. It got me thinking about what’s socially acceptable. Generally, displaying an erection is a no-no except in the context of imminent sex. Maybe this is a throwback to the Puritans. Sexual arousal in and of itself is a good thing. If a man has an erection, does that mean he will become a sexual predator stalking females until that erection can be satisfied? Of course not.

A man with an erection is probably in a good mood. It’s really a sort of sexual smile. It may be a sign of availability. It could also be a physical reaction with no particular motive behind it. My point is that it’s a physical manifestation and nothing more. In the context of nudity, if it’s acceptable for a penis to be visible, it makes no sense to specify that that penis can only be flaccid. You remember the old Mae West line, “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you glad to see me?”

When it comes to images attached to posts or on the Internet in general, a flaccid penis doesn’t attract any particular attention. If the viewer is okay with a male nude, the flaccid penis is just part of the image. However, if the man has an erection, it’s pornography. That is hypocrisy as far as I’m concerned.

I’m not sure how Mrs. Lion would feel if I had an erection during a social nudity activity. We’ve attended BDSM play parties where nudity is certainly accepted. I think I’ve been naked with her at least one of them. If we were walking around while I was nude, would it bother her if I got a woody? I suspect it wouldn’t. I could imagine her reaching down and encouraging it.

My point is that an erection is just another manifestation of the penis. If it isn’t otherwise engaged in sexual activity, I don’t understand why it would be less acceptable to display. It isn’t any different than a woman displaying engorged nipples. They are frequently visible under clothing. Nobody looks down on a woman whose nipples are poking out. Why should it be any different for the male equivalent?


  1. “I used to be white as snow, but then I drifted” (my favorite Mae West quote)

    I use the “boner pills” sometimes, so as to guarantee that a “good time” will in fact be so. However, whether they’re on board or not, sometimes my penis just decides to erect, even when there’s absolutely nothing sexual going on either externally or in my brain. Of course, this sometimes *causes* something to go on, one place or the other, but fundamentally, spontaneous erections are just a part of being male. They should be accepted as such.

    1. Author

      I think that all males experience those. It’s the body taking out the equipment for a spin. It’s a form of exercise that keeps the spongy tissue active and happy.

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