Lion had a doctor’s appointment today for his intestinal issues. Neither of us has fevers. We were tested just inside the clinic door. If Lion can manage a stool sample, he’ll be tested for parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Neither of us is looking forward to obtaining that sample. The more concerning information we got is that his blood pressure is low. It was low at his last visit too. The doctor wasn’t concerned either time. However, Lion and I both wonder if that could be the cause of his lack of sustained erection.

It’s not that he always loses his erection. Sometimes he never gets to the erection stage. Other times he’s fine. Unless we test it more often, I don’t think we’ll have any idea if it’s consistently low. Of course, testing just before we want to play is bound to be a buzz kill. We need to decide if the information we’re looking for is worth finding out right then and there or if he can just test at random times during the day.

The thing is, at Lion’s previous visit, he was convinced he should reduce the dosage on one of his medications. By the time we got home, he’d decided he shouldn’t. This morning he said he should. Will he decide later that he shouldn’t? It’s not like he’s stopping all drugs. He’d just be reducing the amount. I think it’s worth a try. If he’s worried, he could ask his cardiologist for advice.

I’d think, if Lion is really concerned about the lack of sustained erection, he should give the lower dose a try. I don’t think his blood pressure will shoot through the roof, especially if we continue to monitor it. It might take a few days, but maybe he’ll be back to the old, hard-as-a-rock Lion. That is, of course, assuming his intestinal issues want to play nice.


  1. The perils of getting older. Life is a balancing act between two alternatives, neither of which are great. I am reminded of Johnny Carson, who said “I knew a guy who gave up smoking, drinking, and sex. He was perfectly healthy until he killed himself.” Talk to the cardiologist, but be prepared for him or her to be only concerned about their organ of specialty and to discount everything else.

    Where am I going with this? I have no idea… I tend to ramble these days.

    Good luck with the health issues. Find your balance and enjoy your life.

  2. Author

    He didn’t take his BP meds last night. I have no idea if one night will do anything for or against, but we’ll keep an eye on his BP so it doesn’t spike.

    1. It would be worth speaking about his concerns with the doctor. Stopping meds can be very dangerous.

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