Same Sh*t Different Day

When we moved, I packed our waxing supplies away. For the longest time, I had no idea where they were. Lion bought new wax warmers and other supplies to get us through until I unearthed the original supplies. We’re still working with the newer warmers even though I know where the box is. I just haven’t unpacked it. Anyway, the point is, one warmer has green wax and the other has orange. The orange is easier to remove, but it doesn’t do as good a job as the green so we’ve decided to use just the green. That means I’m working from one warmer at the moment. When I’m out of wax, we have to stop.

Yesterday, I said I should clean the orange wax out of the warmer so I’ll have more wax to work with. After a minor disagreement about it, we realized we were saying the same thing. The orange wax comes in a can that sits in the warmer. I can just remove the can, clean up a few spills and have two green warmers. It would have been nice if I’d thought of it before yesterday. I made it most of the way down both of Lion’s legs before I ran out of wax. He’s got patches of fur on his right leg. It’s a good thing no one ever sees his legs. Today I’ll finish the job.

We’ve both been having some stomach issues. It’s probably tied to sleeping problems and possibly being “trapped” in the house for so long. I do poke my head outside every so often. I get the mail. I mow the lawn. (Right now it looks like I’ve never mowed the lawn at all.) And today I have to go out to get prescriptions. I’ve also suggested to Lion that we could go out for a drive. We don’t need to get out of the car. We can just enjoy the scenery. Anything for a change of pace.

Lion’s tummy was off last night. He didn’t eat much of his dinner and then he snoozed off and on watching TV. Before bed he suggested that he needs his excitement earlier in the day because he falls asleep in the evening. I’m countering with the fact that he falls asleep in the afternoon watching TV too. However, I don’t doubt that he would be a little more susceptible to my charms earlier in the day. Unfortunately, I’m working now and I’m supposed to do it from 8 to 5. I never actually discussed it with my boss, though. There’s really no reason I couldn’t shift those hours since I’m working at home. Or even split the hours. If I stop at 2 for an hour or so, I could just jump right back on to finish my shift. On the other hand, I need to be available for emails, texts and phone calls.

Anyway, we need to figure out what our “new normal” is going to be around here. And eventually I will have to actually go in to work. What happens then? What is normal anyway? There’s certainly a lot of moving parts to it.