No Rest for the Weary

I finally got the last of Lion waxed yesterday. It took longer to melt the wax than it did to remove the last of his fur. I knew it would. We ran out of wax the other day just short of being done. I’m sure I missed parts of him, but I usually miss something. I always tell him he gets what he pays for. It’s not that I don’t try to get it all. I swear his hair is like my veins when the phlebotomist goes looking for them. They’re all purple and visible until the needle shows up and then they go to ground.

While I was waiting for the wax to melt, I unpacked the box of waxing supplies. We have more warmers than we need. Lion bought two more when we moved and were unable to locate the box with the supplies. It turns out the newer warmers are actually better so we’ll continue to use them. Not only did I put the supplies away, but I also eliminated one more box from our stack of boxes remaining to be unpacked. To be fair, when we packed to move into this house, we still had boxes that hadn’t been unpacked from our move out here in 2006.

We never ate lunch so we had an early dinner, which actually wound up being only slightly early by the time it was done. I took my shower while Lion watched “60 Minutes”. Lion asked how I was feeling when I got out. He said he had ulterior motives for asking. Of course he did. He was looking for some action.

I started out with a hand job. He was responding but my shoulder got tired and he said he’d rather have oral attention anyway. Somewhere between his hand job and blow job, he lost interest. Well, he didn’t actually lose interest. He said it felt wonderful. My weenie was just not as excited as he had been. The spell had been broken. Then his stomach was bothering him again.

I know there’s some phenomenon about the pandemic that’s messing with people. We’re sleep deprived. I was awake until 3:30 am with my mind on full throttle. We’re anxious. We’re worried. We’re scared. We’re not sure anything will be normal again. I have no idea if any of this has anything to do with why Lion lost his mojo last night, but I’m sure it has something to do with his stomach funkiness.

I doubt I’ll be in any shape to give Lion attention this afternoon or evening. I’m doing my best to get through my workday before I collapse. If yesterday is any indication, I’ll be tired without actually being sleepy. And if I do collapse early, what will that mean for sleep tonight? We’re both tired of being tired.


  1. I’ve read about your routine and discovered that I also still had boxes that hadn’t been unpacked from last year 😉

  2. oh, its so pity that you are tired… I hope everything will be fine. Take care

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