Sunday Ramblings

Apparently Friday and Saturday are our “venture out into the real world” days. Last Friday we went to pick up the camper from repair. The Saturday before, I hit Costco and a grocery store. And yesterday we supported a local barbecue joint by getting take out. Lion had been talking about ribs for a few days. I thought he meant he wanted to make them on our smoker, but he meant doing takeout. That makes more sense. It’s easier and we don’t wind up with a huge amount of ribs when we don’t necessarily want a huge amount of ribs.

We have a battle of semantics going on right now. Lion says we’re done with quarantine because we haven’t been sick in the past two weeks. [Lion — I said that a friend of Mrs. Lion could possibly deliver some groceries she’s getting for us in person. I said that because both she and we have safely quarantined for more than two weeks. I never suggested we should get out and about.] I say we’re potentially re-exposed every time we go out. While it’s true that I used gloves last time I was out and a mask and gloves yesterday, the potential is still there. I’d like to get one of the tests that show if you’re susceptible to the virus or not. I’m more concerned about Lion than myself. If I knew he was safe I wouldn’t worry so much every time I step out the door.

Since yesterday was the day after orgasm, we didn’t play. Lion said he felt horny and that’s a welcome thing. Maybe his refractory period will be less this time. We shall see how things go today. I haven’t really thought much about what we’ll do. I’m not sure I want to do a play spanking so close to a punishment spanking. I know it’s been a few days, but how long does it take a Lion’s butt to forget? Nah. I’ll figure out something else. It’s not like a don’t have a ton of other possibilities. Perhaps today would be a good day to try out some coconut oil. Lion loves how it feels.

In addition to waxing, Lion now wants me to give him a haircut. I used to cut my ex’s hair but his was simple. And I used to cut my sons’ hair. It’s fairly easy to do short hair with no waves. I even cut my own hair a long time ago. It was usually uneven but I’m not a style maven so I couldn’t care less. It’s hair. It will grow out. But Lion’s hair has some waviness to it. He doesn’t take kindly to my comment that if it looks bad I can always just shave his head. Hell, I threaten to do that to mine all the time. Shave my head and get a wig. Boom! Different hairstyles every day. No problem. I’m sure his barber will find fault with my haircutting skills (when I finally get around to doing it) but Lion likes his hair on the short side and he says he’s looking shaggy. Who knows when he’ll be able to get a real haircut again. Hair removal, at this point, is all up to me. (*evil laugh*) I’ve watched a few videos online and they all say give the same instructions. I’m sure it won’t look too bad.


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      I haven’t tried yet. I’ll probably wait till tomorrow depending on Lion’s work schedule.

  1. Lots of our friends (male) are complaining about the same thing. I’ve solved the problem by shaving my head every day. I don’t have much ‘upstairs’ and got tired of the MPB look. Getting rid of all the hair was the best thing I’ve done and the attention from the ladies was immediate and very positive!

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