I almost forgot to spank Lion last night. Of course, if he remembered, he wasn’t about to remind me. That’s not one of his requirements. Should it be? When I picked up the bloodwood ferule paddle, he winced. That’s a mean one. He didn’t see me pick up the wide rubber paddle. I started with the wooden paddle. Ten swats per cheek. I do it this way to give him a little time to recover. If I did 100 swats right off the bat he wouldn’t be able to stay still. I suppose if I swatted him long enough, he’d be able to handle a barrage of swats but, at that point, would he really feel them anymore? Ten seems to be working for us.

I didn’t count how many rounds I went on his buns. I alternated between the wooden and rubber paddles. He yelped for both. It looked like bruises would form and, toward the end, some blood poked through. It wasn’t as much blood as last time, not that there was much blood last time either. Maybe the rubber paddle doesn’t make him bleed. Maybe it was the alternating of the paddles. Maybe it confused his butt so it didn’t know whether to bleed or bruise.

I usually end with five harder swats to each cheek. Sometimes I do that twice. I don’t know if he realizes that’s the end or not. When I told him I was done and that he had a tiny amount of blood but nothing that needed cleaning. (I think he was already done bleeding.) He said that paddle was mean and caused the blood. I asked which paddle. He said the ferule. Then I realized he had no idea I’d been using two different paddles. Either his butt was on fire and he couldn’t differentiate or both paddles have the same quality. I thought the ferule was stingy and the rubber paddle was thuddy. That’s not why I chose them anyway. I just thought it would be interesting to try two paddles.

A while ago I thought about categorizing the paddles. Sometimes I want it to sting and sometimes I want a thud. It would be nice to know which paddle does what. I can never remember. I guess if I was on the receiving end I’d sure know. Nope. That’s not an invitation to spank me. Don’t get any ideas, Lion.

[Lion — I couldn’t feel the difference between the two paddles. They both hurt!]

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