I’m Worried

These are amazing times. The COVID-19 pandemic is reaching into all of our lives. Apparently, a lot of people (apparently mostly political conservatives) don’t believe the danger is very serious. I saw a very interesting graphic this morning. It showed the way the spread of this disease would occur under different conditions. If people don’t self-quarantine and maintain social distancing, the number of people who were sick at any given time remains fairly constant. If we don’t self-quarantine, the curve becomes a sharp spike with enormous numbers of people being sick at the same time. It looks to me like the number of people who get sick won’t be different either way. However, if we slow the spread of the disease, our healthcare system will be better equipped to help people.

I’m working from home but Mrs. Lion, who is employed in the healthcare industry, needs to go to work every day. I can’t maintain social distance from her (I won’t!). It’s unfortunate she can’t stay home too for a while. We live in the US epicenter of the pandemic. That’s both bad news and good news. The good news is that we will be through it before it hits its peak over the rest of the country. The bad news is that our healthcare system is only beginning to become equipped to handle the disease.

I suppose that sooner or later this was going to happen. I can’t help but feel a little anger toward people who eat unsafe food and fail to prepare it in a way that kills off diseases. We live in a global economy.

Mrs. Lion and I are active online shoppers. We buy food nearly weekly from Amazon Fresh. Thanks to the pandemic, we can no longer find available delivery slots. Markets are running out of all sorts of things because worried people are hoarding. On Sunday we managed to score a delivery from a local supermarket. We now have a nice supply of canned soup.

The big question for me is whether our supply chain is going to hold up, not from hoarders, but from changes in the way people are able to work. A large percentage of manufactured products we consume come from China. It’s going to take a little while, but I don’t think there’s a chance we will be able to buy a lot of the things we use that come from there. By the way, there’s no evidence that this virus lives long enough on surfaces to be dangerous in terms of imported products.

I suspect that Mrs. Lion and I are lucky to be located in such a high tech area. We have a very well developed home delivery infrastructure. Amazon Fresh started here and many of the brick-and-mortar retailer home delivery services also originated in this area. Of course, if the availability of goods is impacted by the pandemic, it doesn’t matter how well developed the deliveries infrastructure is. If there’s nothing to deliver it doesn’t do anybody any good.

Yes, I know this is a sex blog. I think it’s important to share other issues at times. FYI, my erectile problem disappeared. I had a really good orgasm Sunday night. I remain un-spanked. Please take care of yourself and your family. Communicating this way is safe and disease-free.