More Supplies and a Smooth Lion

For months I’ve wanted to get a good supply of soups. With Lion working from home, even before social distancing, having something easy for lunch was important. He can’t just run out to Burger King like I can while I’m working. Peanut butter only gets you so far. Frozen dinners add some variety. Soup is easy for both of us.

People have been stocking up and hoarding toilet paper. They’ve also been stocking up on long-term food supplies like soup. Most of it was sold out on Amazon Fresh and even if they had soup, there were no delivery times available. Lion went on a local supermarket site, added bunches of soup and then found out there were no delivery times available. I went on a different local grocery store site, added bunches of soups and because they use Insta-cart for delivery, we were able to get our order delivered. We should be good for quite a while.

This is Lion before his waxing. That patch of hair above my weenie refuses to die. It’s all gone now as you can see at the top of this post.

I gave Lion his Lion-zilian yesterday. He is fur-free in his bikini area and from belly button to butt crack, plus a little way down his thighs. For whatever reason, the hair at the base of his penis was the most overgrown. His balls were furry, but the base of his penis looked like a forest. It’s always that way. He had many laser treatments and that spot just does not want to give up fur production.

I did not go beyond the Lion-zilian. I’ve been achy enough lately and I wanted to reserve some energy for play later on. I also like him with hair on the rest of his body. I’m just now thinking maybe we can compromise, with one month all off and one month only a Lion-zilian. It’s the best of both worlds, although I wouldn’t mind if it was all off or all on in alternating months. [Lion — All on doesn’t really work anymore. Regrowth is spotty and very fine hair that to me just looks strange.]

Lion snoozed a bit last night while we watched TV. He’d taken a name brand boner pill around dinner time. Somewhere around 10, we tested that pill. I’m not willing to call it a failure. Lion wasn’t able to get very hard but I bet I could have gotten him harder if I’d used my mouth. I also think he might be putting more pressure on himself to have a stronger erection. Sometimes if you try too hard, you can sabotage yourself. He’s concerned he really is broken. I doubt he is. And now I’m sorry I ever brought up the fact that he seemed softer at all. [Lion — This morning I had a pretty normal erection. I bet if Mrs. Lion wants to play earlier in the day, her weenie might get up to full mast.]

There are a lot of things to worry about right now. The economy isn’t doing all that well. Businesses are asking employees to work from home. Some businesses and schools are closing for the duration. Lion is worried about me bringing the virus home with me. Everything seems up in the air. Any or all of that can weigh heavily on your mind. I’m surprised anything is working the way it should in any capacity.

Lion is not broken. There’s no reason to worry about that. We’ll keep trying and eventually, my weenie will be standing as tall as ever. I won’t give up. Neither should Lion.


  1. I know it’s for the blog – but have either of you considered the constant dialogue/dissection a cause of the erectile / libido issues?

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