The Day After Orgasm

I had a leap year orgasm. Mrs. Lion joked that my next one would be on February 29 whenever that occurs next (2024). I got a great blow job. I woke up Sunday morning feeling very horny. That seems odd to me. Generally, after I’ve had an orgasm it takes a couple of days before my interest really returns. All day Sunday I had sexy thoughts. What the hell?

It’s unlikely that Mrs. Lion will give me a chance to ejaculate again on Sunday (I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon). In the past, I have been able to perform the day after. I start to get into trouble when it’s three or more days in a row that I have to perform. In the past, I was okay on the third day though it wasn’t as much fun for me. On the fourth day, I was out of gas completely. It’s been a very long time since we did anything at all sexual the day after I had an orgasm. I think Mrs. Lion considers it a well-earned day off.

I think we’re getting close to waxing time again. Hair is coming back though nowhere near as thick or abundant as last month. Waxing clearly slows down hair production. The more you do it, the less comes back. I did some research into commercial waxing salons. Many offer a 50% discount on their services if you come back after a month. I noticed that the last time Mrs. Lion waxed me it went more quickly. If she doesn’t want to do my legs again, I think there’s a place nearby that does men. I’ll have to see if she wants me to go. Who knows? She may want to outsource all of me.

Have you noticed that I write about hair removal when I’m horny? I have. There’s some part of me that associates the loss of body hair with sex. Maybe it’s the same perverse force that turns me on when I think about spanking. (I wrote about that yesterday in “The Spanking Paradox“.) Being waxed is not a pleasant process for either of us. Well, it does feel nice swhen Mrs. Lion is working around her weenie. But it isn’t a turn on to have hair pulled up by the roots. Still, I’m turned on thinking about it.

Maybe that’s a special gene that I have that also attracts me to cock and ball torture. And, as I’m sure you know, I like to be tied up too. I’m clearly not a vanilla lion. I suppose the same perversion covers being locked in a male chastity device. It turns me on to think about that too. Once locked then it doesn’t matter what I think about, I’m not going to get hard anyway.

The irony doesn’t escape me. It’s just part of who I am.


  1. I somewhat also associate hair removal with sex. I often think about being made to go and get laser hair removal in and around Angus. That is a turn on.

    1. Author

      I actually did it. I got monthly laser treatments from a doctor for over a year. It wasn’t a bit sexy. Maybe thinking about it beforehand is, but once you feel it, it won’t be fun. I ended up using an anesthetic cream before going for my treatment. That helped. Removing hair from my balls was almost too much even with the anesthetic. However, the only hair that grows back is a little patch above my penis and some on my balls, because I didn’t let him finish the full series.

        1. Author

          All of the technicians here are female.

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