Fountain of Lion Youth?

As Lion said in his post this morning, I did take another day off yesterday. I normally do after one of his orgasms, but I wasn’t feeling all that well. Between our Costco run, laundry and making dinner, I was feeling achy and nauseous. I don’t think the two were related and I have no idea where the nausea came from at all. I threw all the dishes, pots and pans and all, in the dishwasher and hoped for the best.

I’m not sure why Lion was horny just the day after an orgasm. What does that mean? Is he going back to his old self? Actually, his old self didn’t get horny right away. His old, old self (when we first met) was horny the next day but that was years ago. Lately it’s been taking him a few days to bounce back. And there have been times that he’s taken even longer.

Maybe it’s because he had two blow jobs in a row. Is it possible for his body to like blow jobs so much it’s looking for more right away? Have I found the fountain of youth? The more blow jobs I give him, the younger he’ll get? What a great idea! Let’s keep going.

I know I can’t make him come every day. Well, I can. At least, I used to be able to. After a few days he craps out. And I’m assuming, given his recent slumps, he’d have even more trouble now. But we can certainly experiment with blow jobs and see what happens. Even if I just edge him or play with him orally and give him orgasms every four to seven days, which is his average, I think it would be a good experiment. And Lion has never been one to turn down oral attention.

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