He Wants to Be Wild Except When He Doesn’t

Lion managed to stay awake watching TV last night. He wanted to watch the new Lion King movie. I’m partial to the original one mostly because of the actors who lent their voices to it. But also the stampede scene was the first time I ever really wanted to buy the video as soon as it came out. For the kids, of course. Yeah. For them.

Last night Lion asked if the cage could go back on so he can finish his Review. My stomach was reacting to the greasy dinner we’d had and the thought of wrestling with the cage was not high on my list of things I wanted to do. Then he said he didn’t just want the cage on. He wants pictures of it going on. Ah. Yeah, last night was not the time to do that. I promised to do it this morning. And this morning he said he was in no hurry to have the cage back on. He likes being wild.

It’s enough to make my head spin. He wants it on. He doesn’t want it on. It helps him. It doesn’t help him. He wants me to decide but he wants it on. But he wants it off. I should decide. But it’s nice to have on. And it’s nice to have off. Around and around we go.

When he got the new cage he put it on himself. Fair enough. He was excited to finally get it. I never said he couldn’t put a cage on himself. I only ever said he couldn’t take it off except under emergency situations. Then he didn’t like having an emergency key. I suppose with a non-metal cage it doesn’t matter so much. He can be extracted much more easily than with a metal cage.

Since he was in the cage, and it seemed to be helping him get to the edge, I decided he should be in the cage. He wrote that he likes the control and he knows if the cage is on he shouldn’t expect sex, but if it’s off he can expect some sort of play. Fair enough. And then the sore spot developed.

I’m positive the sore spot had nothing to do with the construction of the cage. It didn’t rub. I’m sure I pinched Lion when I was putting it on. I saw the mark the next time I took him out. It swelled a little and between the sensitive skin and warm conditions in the cage, it got more irritated. Leaving the cage off seemed the prudent thing to do. Except now he’s back to liking being wild.

I know he’ll be happy if I leave the cage off. I also know he’ll be unhappy if I leave the cage off. See above. Maybe, barring any more sore spots, I should come up with a schedule. Three weeks caged and one week wild. Two weeks on and two weeks off. Lion likes schedules. That might help him. When he’s caged and wishing he was wild, he can count the days till freedom. When he’s wild and wishing he was caged, we can count the days till lockup. I have no idea if this will work. I have no idea what schedule would be best. I’m just looking for ways to keep him happy even if it seems he has no idea what will make him happy.

I live with a silly Lion.


  1. I love reading both of your blogs but I have a serious issue with Lions constant wish list. If he wants control and disipline thats fair enough. So to counter his wish list this could create a new rule, couldn’t it? Wishes have to be paid for, somehow. Punishment spankings for any requests, i.e. if wild and wants to be locked, punished. Locked and wants to be wild, punishment. Any other wants more than existing wants, punishment. Mrs Lion retains the right to carry out punishment as she sees fit. That would work for me.

    1. There may be a little misunderstanding here. Only rarely asked Mrs. Lion to unlock me, or for that matter lock me. Sometimes if I’ve been wild for a while I will ask her if she plans to lock me up again. Mrs. Lion does exactly what she wants. I think she likes it when I whine a little bit about my current state. Gives her a chance to rub my nose in the fact that I wanted it the other way. For example, when I’m wild, she’ll say “You told me you liked it better when you’re wild.” The same is true when I’m locked up and I want to be wild. I think she just likes rubbing my nose in things.

      If she wanted to punish me if I was to needy, I have no problem with that of course. She is absolutely in charge.

  2. Author

    I’m merely pointing out a variation of “be careful what you wish for”. He wanted something and once he got it he no longer wants it. So, yes, I laugh at him. And if it really bothered me I would definitely punish him. For now, it’s a source of amusement.

  3. For Lion, I think it’s best if whether or he’s wearing the cage is never totally resolved. The tension is good for him.

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