Touchy Subject

Lion says I haven’t touched him since his orgasm. He doesn’t mean sexually. He says I haven’t touched him at all. I beg to differ. It’s true he’s been snoozing a lot and he’s observed that if he snoozes at any point in the evening, we don’t do anything at all. Again, I beg to differ.

Generally, if he snoozes early in the evening, that’s the reason we play later. I wait for him to wake up. He says I should wake him up but I say, if he’s snoozing, it’s because he needs sleep. When he wakes up he should be somewhat refreshed and it shouldn’t matter if it’s late because he just had a nap. See my logic?

There have been some nights that I haven’t played with him if he snoozes but can’t I also decide that it’s too late to play? Should I wake him up because at 8:37 I’m raring to go? (I’m never raring to go.) But if he snoozes until 9:37 sometimes I’m too tired by that time. Maybe it’s like when you have a baby. You sleep when the baby sleeps. I could never do that.

As far as touching him since his orgasm is concerned, we’ve held hands. I’ve even snuggled over toward him a few times. We’ve also been a bit under the weather since then. We’ve both been tired and/or not feeling well. But we’ve still managed to hold hands during that time.

Last night I “got out of” touching him because he was locked away again. Once he was in after the pictures it seemed silly to unlock him again so soon. Tonight, however, he’ll be unlocked again whether he’s horny or not. I’ll test the water and go from there. I know he likes it when I play with him even if he isn’t going to get anywhere. I like it too. Any chance to yank on my weenie is nice.

[Lion — Hoo boy!]

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