Real Progress

I admit that I was skeptical. Mrs. Lion suggested resuming play spankings and to inaugurate their resumption she brought in her heavy, rubber paddle from the camper. Wednesday night was dark and stormy. It really was! The wind was howling and a power failure was threatened. Mrs. Lion did a lot of work preparing us for that possibility. She dragged our generator out of the storeroom, brought out some gas cans, got our lanterns ready, and made sure we both had flashlights at hand. After a whole day’s work, I figured she would be too tired for anything else.

I was wrong. She brought out the rubber paddle and said, “Want to play?”

Predictably, I agreed. What followed was exciting fun. Mrs. Lion combined hand spanking with the use of the paddle. I may have yelped once or twice, but in general, the spanking was pure pleasure. I guess it’s true that we can have both fun spanking and punishment spanking. She took her time. When she was done, she told me to roll over. I obediently followed her instruction. Then she took a long time masturbating me. I didn’t get exactly to the edge, but I got damn close.

She combined intense rubbing with much slower, deliberate strokes. I started “helping” her. And for a little while, she let me hump her hand. I really love that. After a very short while, she took over jerking me off. I could feel myself starting to plateau. She noticed too. She stopped leaving me breathing quite hard and clearly wanting more. She told me that we would continue on Thursday night and she would leave me wanting even more than I wanted Wednesday. I believe her.

Wednesday night was the first time in a very long time that we played this way. Maybe we had sunk into a routine that wasn’t doing either of us much good. Perhaps starting earlier and using more energy is good for us. It is certainly good for me. I’m writing this post on Thursday and I can tell you that I’ve been horny since I woke up this morning.

Even though we are active, kinky lions, it’s very easy for us to fall into ruts that may seem comfortable at first, but invariably lead us in a direction neither of us wants. When we first started playing, long before we got married, Mrs. Lion admitted that she was concerned she would get bored with me and the things I liked. At the time I was confused by this. After all, if all the variety I liked was boring can you imagine how dull vanilla sex would be for her?

I get the idea now. It wasn’t that she was concerned about the activities being boring, just that without a great deal of personal involvement, she might be bored providing me with these services. When Mrs. Lion’s libido disappeared, my concern about this issue grew stronger. All this is for me. What’s in it for her? This still worries me a little.

lion's balls tied tight

One way I think we get past it is that Mrs. Lion is more than a service provider. She’s in charge. She may not get turned on doing all this kinky stuff to me, but she has an opportunity to take pride in her skill delivering it. For example, I know she’s proud of the fact that she’s gone from someone who was afraid she’d injure me with light love taps to a very effective disciplinary spanker. Her skills have grown in other kinky arts as well. She is brilliant at CBT. She can tie up my cock and balls in a myriad of ways. When she ties them tightly with my balls separated, jerking me off is accompanied by the rhythm of my balls banging on the bed or my legs. I think she likes that.

The jury may still be out in terms of anal play. For a long time, she was unable to make any real progress. Now, she is able to get a full four fingers up my ass. I am pretty sure her thumb will be joining them in the very near future. Then it’s just a matter of working the knuckles in before she’s completely fisted me. I’m pretty sure she never imagined this is a skill she wanted to acquire. Perhaps she will enjoy her new proficiency.

From my perspective, I like the fact that once I set her off in a new direction, she takes over and I no longer decide how much or when she does those activities. We’ve reestablished our respective roles: It’s my job to experience and appreciate what she does to and for me. It’s her job to initiate and perpetuate those things she would like to do. Together, we enjoy her progress and success.

Even though in a lot of cases her success means more discomfort for me, I can still feel proud of her for becoming what I asked her to be. Lioness 3.0 is absolutely here to stay. I hope that makes her as happy as it makes me.