Almost Doesn’t Count

I left work early yesterday to get us ready for the wind storm. We decided to eat dinner early in case the power went out. We were prepared. And nothing happened. Oh well. It’s better to be prepared.

Since we ate dinner early, I was expecting to play earlier. I think Lion was too. I don’t think he was prepared to snooze off and on watching TV. Still, it was before 9 when I told him I needed him buns side up.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve given him a play spanking, I almost forgot how to do it. In addition to needing his buns to toughen up, apparently I need to work on my hands too. They can’t handle a lot of swats anymore. Hitting harder was really starting to sting. Luckily I have paddles to help with that malady.

I doubt Lion feels it today. I didn’t hit too hard. I didn’t really hit too long either. I’m out of practice. We’ll have to fix that problem. I think the spanking did the trick though. Lion was hard in no time and I thought I was actually going to t get him to the edge. No dice. He seemed close to me, but he said he wasn’t really. We’ll have to work on that too. Maybe it’s a job for tiny clothespins. You never know. They might help. Sometimes just the threat of them helps.

I can also start anal training again. I’ll see if Lion would rather have an anal activity or work on getting Mr. Weenie more responsive. I know I don’t have to have his input but sometimes I like to know what he’s thinking. Since 90% of sex is in the mind, it doesn’t make sense for me to go romping through his ass if he really wants his balls tied up. However, I still have the final say. He may not want the tiny clothespins, but if I do, he’s getting the tiny clothespins. His input only goes so far.

I am determined to get him back to “normal”. He did say I left him even hornier than when I started last night. But that’s not really the same thing as getting him to the edge.

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  1. The “threat” thing does really work, it seems. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately, myself. I can get hard without a problem (sometimes with a bit of chemical assistance), and my wife can easily get me to orgasm, although she makes sure to take her time teasing me along the way. However, I’ve been having trouble staying hard without direct manual stimulation long enough to penetrate her in a satisfying way (for either of us).

    Her go-to threat to solve that issue is to tell me that “right after we’re done, I’m going to lock you up for the next month”. An actual lock-up only happens about one time in three or four, but the threat is always enough to propel me into spring-steel hardness.

    Brains are funny things…

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