Out With a Whimper

I swatted Lion with him wearing an old pair of my cotton briefs last night. I hit quite a bit harder than I did the night before. He yelped quite a bit louder. And he bled more. I think he’s learned his lesson about forgetting Saturday punishment day. But, then again, I said that last week. We’ll have to see what this weekend holds.

We were watching TV and snuggling when I decided to get the Magic Wand. I figured if oral attention wasn’t getting the job done, I’d go for the big guns. He was very interested. I thought I was even on the verge of edging him, but then everything fizzled out. He said he didn’t think he could go any further. Dammit! I really, really wanted him to have one last orgasm in 2019. Not that there’s any real difference between yesterday and today in the overall scheme of things. One day just rolls right into the next. But the calendar says there’s a difference and we’re programmed to notice.

Lion is worried that he’s really broken. It’s been less than two weeks since his last orgasm. I think it’s too early to proclaim him broken. I’m pretty sure he’s come back from longer slumps than this. However, I’m wondering if I contributed by not edging him. I’ve just been playing with my food. I haven’t been getting him all the way to the edge. He’s been close but not quite there. Now that I want him to get there, he can’t. Did I do him a disservice? I guess there’s no way to know for sure. The best we can do is keep trying and hopefully, he’ll get there before too long.

When I did just the oral activity, I didn’t play with him. Maybe his body is waiting for his balls to be tied, or Icy Hot or some other evil thing to happen. If I find the other straps and cuffs, would the simple act of tying him to the bed be enough to tip the scales? Like a reset button? “Ohhhh, okay. I’m tied down. I recognize this. Continue.” And we all live happily ever after. I’m not sure. I can tie his balls up tonight and see what happens. But I was sure the Magic Wand would work and it didn’t. I feel like I’m just rolling the dice and hoping for whatever number means you win in craps.

It’s a good thing I don’t give up easily. We’ve got a whole new year to work with. This one will be better than last.