anal trainer kit
I’ll start with the smallest one. Lion thinks it’s too small for him, but he’s never been pegged by a butt plug before. He may be surprised how hard that little thing is to take.

We decided to go to Ikea yesterday. Lion needs better storage for his office space at home so we’re moving things around. Needless to say, I didn’t really get anything done around the house. I’m hoping that will happen today. Although, the things I’ll get done are most likely not much unpacking. However, getting Lion’s office space figured out goes a long way toward making the house more livable.

It was about 8:30 when I shoved the butt plug up Lion’s ass. We didn’t get the early start we hoped for. It must not have been too uncomfortable because he snoozed while it was in. When I tried to wake him up, he said he was ready to play and then he was out again. We finally wound up playing around 9:30 when I removed the butt plug. I’d guess we were at it for about a half hour. I don’t think Lion ever reached a full erection but he was bucking away. I know it felt good for him even if nothing was really happening.

After our attempt at fun, I told Lion he forgot punishment day. I said he owes me a diaper day. Then I suggested that we no longer really need punishment days. I punish him on the day of the infraction, assuming I remember. This, of course, would eliminate a source of infractions. And, Saturdays especially, is a good source of infractions. We decided recently that rules like these are misdemeanors so he wouldn’t be avoiding serious punishment, but perhaps I’m being too hasty in cancelling punishment days. Any opportunity for punishment of any sort is welcome. For now, we’ll keep them.

We got the set of three butt plugs Lion ordered so we can begin anal training. At first glance, they look laughably small. He said the smallest one is probably not usable. However, if you consider that these will be going in and out like a dildo, the smaller one might not feel all that insignificant. I think we’ll start off with it. If it is too small we can certainly move on to the next size. We’ve never used a butt plug like a dildo before so I’m reluctant to start out too large. He’ll need time to adjust.

As I mentioned, Lion is in a diaper today. I allowed him to pee before putting on the first one. From then on he’ll have to pee and sit in a wet diaper. He can change from that wet diaper just before he has to pee again. That way he’ll always be in a wet diaper. You’re welcome, my pet. [Lion — Humph!]


  1. Why is it that “a]ny opportunity for punishment of any sort is welcome”? I thought the idea was for him to Improve and avoid it. Do you enjoy punishing him? Would you rather have him mess up so you have an excuse to do it to him? Does that include the severe spankings that he dreads?

    1. Author

      Lion is the one who “enjoys” punishment. It’s entirely up to him whether he gets “the severe spankings that he dreads”.

      1. I try to avoid those dreaded punishments. Sometimes I mess up and suffer the consequences.

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