Judicial Reform

I realize that our readers are much happier when I write about sex. When I read about discipline, I get zero comments. I really like your comments. Hint, hint.

As you may have guessed, this post is about discipline. Yesterday, for the first time, Mrs. Lion told me I would get a spanking for annoying her. In this case, I got a bit snippy when she was having trouble understanding an app on her iPad. To my great surprise, about 1/2 hour after I did this, she told me I was going to get a spanking for it. I pointed out that she gave me a sentence of four spankings when I forgot punishment day, and only one for upsetting her. She asked me if I wanted four more for this offense. I obviously told her I didn’t.

But this situation brings up a new problem. For one thing, Mrs. Lion’s spankings are far more severe than they used to be. Four days of spanking leaves me sore for days after. I know, that doesn’t have anything to do with it, or does it? Here’s the problem: when all we had were relatively trivial rules like spilling on my shirt or forgetting to remind her of punishment day, it made sense to sentence me to severe punishment when I broke those rules, particularly if I did repeatedly.

My “old” spankings weren’t very severe and it took several days of getting one a day to make her point. Now, I feel one of her spankings for two days after she gives it to me. The reason I bring this up is that I think we need judicial reform. It doesn’t make sense to punish me more severely for forgetting to remind her it’s punishment day, even if it’s the second or third time I’ve done it, then it does for annoying her.

Which behavior do you really want to modify, Mrs. Lion? Is it more important that I remember to remind you of punishment day that it is to be more careful about hurting your feelings? I think the answer is obvious.

We started the practice of sentencing me to multiple spankings as a way to make them more meaningful to me. The upside of this is that Mrs. Lion can indicate the seriousness of my offense by the number of days of spankings I receive. This works very well we’ve discovered.

Our judicial universe has grown larger. Mrs. Lion’s penalties have grown more severe. I think it would make sense to consider adjusting penalties to allow for these important growth steps. For example, as it stood this morning before I upset her, I had four consecutive days of spanking coming. That meant that it would be Wednesday before I felt her wrath for annoying her yesterday. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m smart enough to realize that I just got myself another day of pain.

What bothers me is that I don’t think were setting the stage correctly for me to fully appreciate how wrong it is to upset her. It really isn’t a big deal if I get food on my shirt or forget to remind her of punishment day. Certainly, those offenses should be punished. But shouldn’t upsetting her, which is a real problem, be treated more seriously?

I’m suggesting that breaking one of those old rules earn me just one spanking. If I’m egregiously breaking it over and over, then add more. However, upsetting Mrs. Lion in any of the ways that I can, earn a minimum of two. Perhaps, if she is really upset, earn me more. I also suggest that when one of these more serious offenses occur, she deliver the spanking as soon after I committed as possible. That would assure I remember what I did and why it made her unhappy.

I think this is really good news. 3.0 is finally getting her feet planted firmly. Now, for the first time, we can use punishment the way it was intended. I’m not suggesting the old rules go away or that Mrs. Lion not add anymore. I’m just suggesting that her sentencing guidelines be adjusted to encompass the wider world of offenses I can commit.

Now, I hope it’s becoming clear why we worked so hard at this. I know a number of our readers thought we were insane for giving me severe punishment for something as trivial as getting little food on my shirt. All that was rehearsal. Now, we are beginning to use these tools the way they were intended.

Poor lion.


  1. If I were Mrs Lion I would be annoyed with you suggesting ways to modify your punishment. That would earn you more days! There does need to be a way to discuss these things and I know you guys tend to go back and forth about things in this blog, but it would annoy me. lol. So maybe it’s a good thing I’m not Mrs Lion. lol

    1. Author

      It’s a good thing you aren’t Mrs. Lion! You have the wrong equipment. Actually, this is how we like to work things out. There is been a big change as of Saturday. Up until then, our rules and punishments had no emotional loading for either of us. They were concrete, observable events that earned me punishment. Offenses really weren’t serious. But we needed to treat them that way in order to develop the correct disciplinary habits. Now, if we continue with the level of punishment I get for these trivial rules, the amount of punishment that would have to come for something that really bothers Mrs. Lion would have to be horrible. So, I suggested dialing back on the “training wheel” rules and being much more serious about things that mean something to her. I don’t think that it would annoy her. A money venture that would annoy you in this context.

  2. Mr. Lion perception is a point of view. I think your’s in this case is clouded. You like getting your way and now that Mrs. Lion is maturing in her role and can see what you have begged for can benifett you both you want to mold her to your understanding. You might try to understand her and submit to her way of dealing with you. Example. If you are a messy eater and you have been corrected for it forever and are still are messy eater hen the correction is not working! Then 4 days is to make you think when putting fork to mouth each and every time? Upsetting her is a new rule, so starting at 1 day is logical. Correction for an offence does not relate to other offenses if correcting an offence is to change your behavior of one, then how can it relate to the other. You seem to not realize that you are to change. Mrs. Lion seems to have this her goal. TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. To make you better. The more you do not change, the more it will cost you. Do you want to learn the easy way or the hard way. It seems to me she has put the ball in your court so you have a choice to make. Change or not but the correction is coming. Welcome to Mrs. Lion’s future.

    1. Author

      YOU DON’T NEED TO YELL! I think you missed the context of my comments. It simply isn’t logical for me to get four days of spanking for getting some food on my shirt and only one day for pissing my lioness off. I just suggested we get things in proportion.

  3. i don’t think logic applies here. The role of a submissive is to be subservient. Not to out think our Dom but to please them and accept punishment as it is given. It is up to us as subs to be accepting of change to please our Dom.
    i do not like pain or punishment so i strive to be the best sub. My punishments have taken to kneeling in a corner to taking away my favorite candy or desserts for a length of time.

    1. Author

      I’m not a submissive lion.

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