Pay Attention!

soap waiting to go into lion's mouth
This is my soap glass where I keep soap ends that are just the right size for Lion to munch on.

Sometimes Lion makes me laugh. A few weeks ago I hung a very large paddle in the bathroom just to see what he’d say. He noticed it within a day and said he’d make sure he was on his best behavior. The latest item escaped his notice for quite a while.

Over the weekend, he asked what the glass filled with soap slivers on the bathroom counter was for. Seriously? He didn’t remember? It’s for mouth-soaping. He said he thought that’s what it was.

Uh huh.

I know it’s been a long time since he’s tasted the bubbly goodness of Dove Sensitive Skin soap. I know it doesn’t burn as much as Ivory did. Perhaps he needs a refresher course. It doesn’t need to be a dessert after spanking. I could do it tonight given the fact that he just told me he put things away in the kitchen and it “only” took ten minutes. Maybe I could take ten minutes when I get home to put more stuff away. Is that before or after I make dinner and clean up after it? That’s okay, your honor. I withdraw the question.

Anyway, I haven’t soaped his mouth in a while, but I guess it’s time to do it again. I know where the punishment stool is too. It has a place of honor right next to the front door. Its placement was accidental, but I hope it makes Lion think about it when he walks by. I’m not sure where he’d sit in the corner in this house. It’s laid out a bit differently. Don’t worry. We still have plenty of corners available. When the time comes, I’ll select one. [Lion — The stool is currently hidden under some boxes; but I know it is there.]

Since his last spanking, Lion has been a very good boy. He’s made messes but nothing has gone on his shirt. As far as annoying me is concerned, aside from the ten minute comment today, he’s been pretty good. I’ll have to pay more attention. Maybe I’ve been missing things. Watch out, my pet.

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  1. Maybe sitting at the front door on the punishment stool is an appropriate spot! But I’m certain you will make a great decision on the location.

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