Hearing vs. Listening

Lion always says I never tell him what I think about new toys. I usually do. I think he doesn’t listen. This is not the same thing as hearing. He acknowledges I’ve said something, but did he actually listen?

He emailed me about three items he saw on a website. I said I thought we had something similar to two of them. He agreed and ordered the third. That was the prickly jock. The package arrived in a few days and in it was the prickly jock and the cock and ball harness. What the hell?

When he asked me what I thought of them I said the prickly jock looked like it might be good for punishment as well as play. He listened to that. I said the harness looked like something I could accomplish with rope. He heard that.

I don’t like complicated toys. The harness has ambiguous straps that can go over the balls, under the balls, around and around in circles. Putting it on is like solving a puzzle. The good thing about it is, once you’ve figured out which end is up, it stays put better than rope can. But I like rope better. I don’t have to worry about the snaps lining up or does this strap go over or under or around. It goes where I tell it to go.

We tried the jock last night. Those straps are more intuitive. It only goes one way. Once we figure out how tight the straps should be, I assume it will be more effective. I know it hurts because I grabbed it and Lion winced. I’m sure he’ll have to be standing so he can feel the full prickliness. However, it gave me an idea for another prickly product.

Those same spikes would be good for after-spanking shorts. Imagine having a burning red bottom and then having evil prickly points making that burning red bottom even more uncomfortable. Maybe I should quit my job and design evil sex toys. Of course, there are better people for that job so I’ll stick with my chosen profession. Besides, I can always make toys exclusively for Lion.

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  1. Maybe make a suggestion to the company that made the jock. If they decide to make them, you might get a freebie out of it.

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