A Prickly Jock, A Harness, And A Butt Washer

confinrment jockstrap with points
This is the leather confinement jockstrap I just got. I’m going to be sorry I bought it.

Trust me to get myself into trouble. Last week I received an email advertising products by Strict Leather. Two of them caught my eye. One is a leather jockstrap lined with prickly points. A picture of it is to the right. This is bound to be very uncomfortable to wear. I knew that when I ordered it and I decided it might be “fun”.

I checked with Mrs. Lion and she was agreeable to me purchasing it. So I placed the order. It arrived on Friday afternoon. Mrs. Lion looked at it when she got home from work and shook her head. I didn’t ask to put it on immediately, but we did discuss it a bit. This jock locks on with three or four little padlocks (not provided). I do want her to try it on me and I’m sure she will. She thought it might make a good substitute for a spanking when I’m naughty.

Yup, it might. I’m not sure how long she will make me wear it. I’m absolutely certain it will be a lot longer than I would like. I suppose I should get locks for it in case she wants me to wear it while she is not around.

Those little points are sharp! They aren’t long enough to do any serious damage but they are sufficient to make me very sorry I ever bought it. Every so often, I decide it might be fun to have something that will end up hurting. I admit that I’ve had a long fascination with these painful cock and ball toys. I’ve never actually worn one, but I’m sure that will change; probably before you read this post.

cock and ball harness
My new cock and ball harness. That’s not me in the picture.

I also bought another toy. It’s a pretty standard cock and ball harness. Mrs. Lion tried that on me Friday night. It does a good job of tightening my balls and separating them. You can see a picture of the device on the left.

Something else arrived yesterday as well. Mrs. Lion ordered a bidet toilet seat. It’s a sort of birthday present for me. She knows I like to be very clean in back. This device will squirt warm water where the sun don’t shine and leave me squeaky clean. It also blasts warm air to dry the area off. Such luxury!

Of course, Mrs. Lion will use it too. I think it is a nice addition to our home. I’m never sure how Mrs. Lion feels about my BDSM purchases. She’s never really bought more than a paddle on her own. It might be “fun” if she did a little shopping herself. Who knows?

We are still far from unpacked. My patch of hair keeps growing above my penis as well as hair in all the other usual spots. I’ve seen endless warnings about shaving areas that are usually waxed. At this point maybe I should shave anyway or go to a waxing parlor and get a Brazilian. I’m not too happy with how I look down there now. Mrs. Lion can argue that I’m not the one who has to do the looking. That’s true, but still I don’t like it. We’ll figure it out.


  1. I am really curious about how you find this. I know you’ll share your experiences, but I’d love to see a photo of it on you with all the locks. I don’t see how it can use 4 locks.

    1. Author

      There are three straps: one around my waist that buckles in back, and one for each leg. In addition, there is a zipper in front, sort of like a fly, that also has a locking post. To secure everything for small padlocks are needed.

  2. There you go again! Finding ways to bring pain and discomfort upon yourself.
    I completely agree! This looks like it could be a diabolical device. I find the concept of having it locked on to be very exciting.
    I have a patch of hair left above my penis now after my wife agreed to shave off the rest of my hair including my legs. Like Mrs. Lion says, you are not the one looking at it. My wife likes my hair and I really prefer to be without.
    I was very thankful that she, once again, goes along with my desires.

    1. Author

      I’m lucky Mrs. Lion indulges me.

    2. Author

      I do seem to have a habit of finding things that will cause me some pain. I was concerned that the spiked jock strap would be pure hell to wear. It turns out that the design is far more diabolical than I thought. Because the part that covers my cock and balls is stiff and shaped like a cup, I only get in contact with the points when I move or sit down. Mrs. Lion appears to like it.

      She is fairly indifferent about my body hair. I am much happier without it and she indulges me. I also think that pictures of me look better without hair in the way of what I am illustrating.

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