My Saddle Horn

We refer to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions as “lion riding”. It’s certainly a fair description of what Mrs. Lion does. There is another practical use for male genitalia that doesn’t involve sex. It’s something that guys are very unlikely to mention.

Here’s a hint: When you ride a horse, there is a very functional piece of equipment on the saddle; the saddle horn. We males are equipped with a similar piece of equipment. Very often one of the objections Mrs. Lion makes to bondage is the need for equipment to which I can be attached. I come equipped with a very convenient anchoring point: my balls.

Using nothing more than lightweight rope, my wrists can be bound together and then attached to my balls. Since, like most men, I am very sensitive about damaging them, I am unlikely to try too hard to pull away. My balls are available whether or not I’m in a chastity device. How convenient!

Another use is to secure my legs wide open and up and out of the way. To do this, simply tie each ankle to one ball. You are assured that I will work very hard to keep my legs as far up and apart as I can regardless of what you may be doing.

There is also a strong psychological value in anchoring this way. No matter what is going on, I’m going to be very careful not to pull too hard. That brings me to an important safety announcement. Do not use ball anchorage for beatings. During a spanking or other impact play, instincts take over and your male may not remember to avoid damaging himself. For other activities, including anal play, the balls are every bit as convenient as the saddle horn is for a cowboy.

lion's balls tied apart
Mrs. Lion is no stranger to tying and separating my balls as you can see here. She hasn’t tied them to anything in years.

Way back in the time that I first began BDSM, my partner would secure me to a doorknob or other convenient household anchor, like a radiator, by tying my balls to it. I was assured to remain in place especially if my hands were secured behind my back. When Mrs. Lion and I first began playing, I read about a guy having the big toe of each foot tied to one of his balls. I mentioned it to Mrs. Lion and she tried it with me.

Nothing really came of it. I think she untied me almost as soon as she got the second rope around my big toe. She mentioned this to me after proofreading my post earlier. I asked her why she never did that again. She replied that at the time she had no idea what she was doing. I then asked the obvious question: Will she tried again now? She said she would. I remarked that now she understands how she could make use of it. She agreed.

All this seems obvious once I point it out. The fact is that women and girls are conditioned from the first time they become aware of male genitalia to be very careful with balls. We males do everything we can to encourage this care.

The reality is that balls are quite rugged and can safely handle some rough treatment. You don’t want to pull them off, but you can stretch them without doing any permanent damage.

Isn’t it nice to know that we are equipped with such a convenient way to keep us in place?

We tried the prickly jockstrap on Saturday night. The cup, which is lined with sharp little points, is fairly stiff leather formed into the, well, cup shape. That means that my cock and balls aren’t being pressed into the points that all times. However, when I move or get a little excited the points make themselves known. I’m pretty sure that once Mrs. Lion works out how to tighten the straps, the sensation will be even more apparent.

If I am made to wear it a while, including sitting down and otherwise changing position, the points will have a very good opportunity to make me uncomfortable. Standing still is actually no problem. I’m not sure that wearing this device rises to the level of punishment. I do think it’s a nice idea for play and since the straps don’t get near my crack, it can accompany anal activities.

The other day we both wrote about our new bidet seat. We’ve had opportunities to use it. The jury is still out for Mrs. Lion, but I am 100% happy with it. This particular model has a remote control that allows me to adjust the position of the sprayer, the temperature of the water, and the pressure. It didn’t take long for me to find the right combination. It washes for about two minutes and then stops. It has an “auto” process that washes moving sprayer back-and-forth to extend the cleaning area, and then blow dries the water away. I’ve never had my ass blow-dried before.

When done, I did feel very clean and fresh. The seat also has a second nozzle to clean the front; females only, obviously. Mrs. Lion is not sure about this. I think she has to tinker with the adjustments. The seat also features a heater. If it’s cold in the house or you have a chilly butt, this heater is just the thing. I tried it and I have to say I don’t like it.

In case you wondered, the device also has a way of sterilizing the nozzles and has a carbon filter to get rid of nasty odors. It does one other interesting thing: As soon as you sit down, it mists the sides of the bowl. According to the manufacturer’s literature, this misting makes it more difficult for solid material to stick. I have no idea if that’s right or not, but it’s nice to know someone’s been thinking about it.

Up until now, the only one who has given any serious attention to my anus has been Mrs. Lion, and her attention has nothing to do with hygiene.