It Won’t Mean Anything

jockstrap with points
This is the leather prickly jock Lion will be wearing. We’ll see how long I can train him to keep it on without too much whining.

I’ve decided to forgive the last three spankings I owe Lion. Maybe it’s only two. The point is, he won’t associate them with annoying me so why bother?

I know he’s right. The punishments have to happen close to the infraction. The problem is that we’ve gone to multiple days of punishments. That means he might forget what he’s done by the time I get to day four. Assuming I’m swatting him every day, he may not forget that soon, but what if punishment is added? If I assign four days for annoying me and then he interrupts me so I assign four more days, by the time I get to the interrupting swats, he may have forgotten interrupting me. Oh, he’ll know I’m pissed that he did something, but does he have to equate the actual infraction to the punishment?

I’m leaning toward mouth-soaping and the punishment stool for the “small” infractions such as eating before I do, spilling food and forgetting punishment day. That will reserve the “real” punishment for more serious offenses. Having said that, if he relaxes too much and violates the small infractions too often, I can (and will) certainly give him swats.

The best part about using mouth-soaping and the punishment stool for the smaller infractions is that they can be added on to the larger offenses. If he annoyed me and spilled food, he might have four days of swats and one day on the punishment stool. And the punishment stool will undoubtedly follow the swats for that day. I hesitate to add standing in the corner to the mix because of his balance issues. However, if physical therapy helps in that regard, I have another tool in my small infraction arsenal. Mouth-soaping and standing in the corner will be useful for days when he has no other punishments because sitting on the punishment stool with a non-burning butt will obviously not have the same effect.

On another note, as promised, I will have Lion wear the prickly jock strap at some point today. He suggested the harness, saying it was more fun for him, but that’s not the point now is it? I’m not sure how long he’ll be able to wear the jock strap. This isn’t really an endurance thing. I just want him in it. Perhaps the more he wears it, the longer he’ll be able to handle it. There may be no correlation at all between the number of times he wears it and how long each time. It’s not a butt plug. It’s a mean jock strap with tiny metal teeth biting into my balls.

Chomp! Chomp!