Give Him What He Wants

Lion has been “hinting” about the prickly jockstrap for a while. He’ll say, “We have so many new toys, like the jockstrap, that we haven’t tried. When are we ever going to try it? I’d really like to try it.” Hint, hint. I’ve thought about using it but then I forget. In keeping with my effort to play more during the day, I decided yesterday was the day.

First, I made sure Lion had no phone calls or video conferences set up for work. I never want to interfere with his job. After lunch, when he said he had work things to do, I told him he needed to put on the jockstrap. I knew he was both looking forward to it and not looking forward to it. It took a while to get it adjusted correctly, and that’s why I hate putting him in things. All the buckles and lining things up only to find out it’s not tight enough, so it needs to be unbuckled and rebuckled and unbuckled and buckled. But finally, it was on.

From my point of view, it’s similar to a butt plug. I set and forget. I go on my merry way and Lion has to deal with it. He was sitting in his chair and I figured the prickly points were jabbing him in all the wrong (or right, if you prefer) places. Every time he moved to get more comfortable, those little spikes jabbed him in a different spot. Consequently, if he got used to them jabbing in one spot and shifted his weight even a tiny bit, they’d jab him a new way. I was off rearranging the pantry so I can set up for waxing. I wasn’t being jabbed by prickly points.

Around a quarter to three, I was heading for the bathroom to take a shower. I was sweaty and gross and I wanted to be clean when I played with Lion. He met me in the hall and asked how long he had to wear the prickly jockstrap. I told him he had to wear it until I told him to take it off. Duh! And I went to take my shower. A shade past three I was done. I unbuckled him and asked him where his new Automilker was. He charged it as soon as it was out of the box. I figured, since we were trying new toys, we might as well try the newest.

Masturbation toys have not worked well on Lion. The only masturbation toy that works well most of the time is me. The artificial ones have been disappointing. He doesn’t respond well to vibrators, which is why it’s surprising that the Magic Wand works so well. It’s possible that’s because I control the motion of the Magic Wand and I’m still touching him while I use it. The others have his penis encased in a machine. Part of the problem may also be that Lion doesn’t expect them to work. The mind is a powerful part of sex.

Obviously the first time doesn’t go well for most things. I don’t think we ever revisited the FleshLight. To be fair, we should try things at least three times. The first time is exploratory. How does this thing work? The second time is for relaxing and seeing if it actually works and the third time is just making sure it works or doesn’t work. We do that with TV shows too. The first episode might be bad. They have to introduce all the characters and establish the premise. The second show begins the story and by the third, we can usually determine if we want to continue watching.

We’ll try the Automilker again, but not today. He didn’t really get a good play session in yesterday because we were messing with the Automilker. I won’t say he’s not in for any surprises, but he’ll definitely have more fun.

[Lion — Starting with new toys have to fit me is always difficult. For example, the spiky jockstrap has stiff straps. They need to be worn in before they are pliable enough to really do the job. Similarly, the pouch of the device is stiffer than it will be after it is worn for some time. I suppose that means I need to wear the jockstrap frequently for fairly long periods to break it in.]