It has nothing to do with not wanting to wax him, but last night as I was trying to get Lion hard so I could put on a cock and ball harness, I was looking at his hair down there. I have no way of knowing how it looked when there was more of it. He insists less grows in since he was professionally waxed. But I kind of like the way it looks. I know he doesn’t at all.

I don’t remember if it’s more difficult to wax long fur or not, and I would never suggest we not wax him, but I think I like Lion au natural. I like him hairless too. I can go either way so it’s really up to Lion’s preferences. I just think it’s nice to see him furry for once.

I’ve never liked to look at overly hairy guys. You know, the ones who look like they’re wearing sweaters when they’re shirtless. It’s just not for me. And I’ve never really thought about guys without hair, except hearing that swimmers often shave to reduce drag. It seemed weird to me. For whatever reason, it doesn’t seem weird to me that Lion would want to be hairless. It’s just s preference. I guess, given all he’s written on the subject, it seems weird that he wouldn’t want me hairless. I’ve only shaved once, as a surprise for him, and he didn’t like it.

As soon as I can, I’ll get the pantry in order and wax Lion. I’ve even thought about locating the necessary supplies and setting up the table in our bedroom. There’s an open area that’s sort of a hallway/dressing room/closet. I’m sure the waxing table would fit. And it would only be temporary anyway. The problem is, I have so many other things to do, can I justify spending an hour or two waxing him? On the other hand, can I justify not spending an hour or two making him feel better?

Today I installed a bidet seat which was sort of Lion’s birthday present. What kind of a birthday present is that? I know. I thought the same thing until I mentioned it to him. He loved the idea. So now we have a Lion squirter and blow dryer. We have a Lion car wash!

The dog has a spa date this afternoon. We’ll run some errands while she has her dog car wash. I’m not sure how much unpacking I’ll get done today, but I’ll work on finding the waxing supplies tomorrow. Lion may get de-furred by next weekend. Then he’ll be able to swim faster.


  1. I was thinking the same thing. Lion is swimming far too slowly lately. A good deforestation job will definitely help him glide much more swiftly through the water.

    1. I am not really happy with the amount of fur I have. In fairness, there isn’t that much growing in. What I do have however, is getting longer and longer.

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