Average of Two

Lion doesn’t seem to think he’ll get twenty-one blow jobs by the end of the year. We have a few more days of Unlocktober to go and then two months left in the year. He got one last night so we’re already down to twenty. Counting the rest of this week, there are ten weeks and two days left in the year. It’s completely doable to average two orgasms per week. I just have to remember they need to be blow jobs. Lion will have to help me remember. I’m a creature of habit and I normally do hand jobs. That’s how I got behind in my 50-50 goal.

I don’t think Lion will argue about getting two blow jobs per week. “I’m sorry, sir. All I have left for the year is blow jobs. Would you like one or do you need a rain check?” Yeah. Lion will suffer through. Take one for the team, my pet.

The other day he wrote about my punishments not being as severe as he’d like. I thought I was doing okay but if he wants me to hit harder, I can. He once asked me how I know when to stop swatting. At the time I said I went until it seemed like he got the message. He wanted harder swats. I obliged. I swatted until I thought he got the message and then went further. 

Now he says he needs a more severe punishment. Okay. I can always hit harder and/or longer. I just have no idea when to stop. Is it a number? Is it his whimpers? Is it the color of his buns? No clue. He makes it sound like there’s a magical answer like I’m supposed know. I’m waiting for the aha moment. So far nothing.

Last night he wondered what was going on. Why had I suddenly started hitting harder/longer? I’d read his post. I told him in order to stop him from whining that he wanted harder swats, I had to give him harder swats. I guess if I think about it in the future, I can up the ante before he says he needs harder swats. But we all know I won’t think about it. He’ll have to prod me. Sorry.