You Want To Put It Where?

We are still working to get things in shape in our new house. It’s going to be a very long pull. Meanwhile, manscaping has moved to a very low priority. I suggested that I could go to a local waxing parlor to get at least a Brazilian. Mrs. Lion wasn’t crazy about that idea. I’m not sure what we will do at this point. I suppose I could be shaved. According to the waxing experts, doing that makes the hair grow in thicker and more difficult to remove with wax. I think I’ll wait until someone gets to wax me.

Mrs. Lion has been working on setting up her office. That’s good because she needs to be able to use her computer. Up till now, she is been using her iPad instead of the computer. She has a laptop, but apparently the browser-stored values like visited web pages and passwords are not recorded on that machine. By the way, if you set up an account with your browser (All popular browsers offer this feature), you can login when you open the browser for the first time or anytime for that matter, and all of the stuff remembered by any of the instances of that browser you use, will automatically appear. I think Mrs. Lion will probably set that feature up for future use.

I wrote yesterday’s post very early Sunday morning. Mrs. Lion had administered my first of three spankings at about 10 PM. Shortly after that she worked on either teasing me or giving me a hand job. I couldn’t get very far. I think it was probably that I had taken pain meds an hour or so before. I hope she tries again.

Speaking of hand jobs, she resolved to give me oral orgasms for 50% of the times she lets me come. If she is going to do that, I’ll need 11 blow jobs before my next orgasmic hand job. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen. A lion can dream. Sex has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about all sorts of stuff ranging from vaginal to anal. Some of those thoughts have been about me receiving anal attention. Occasionally, someone I follow tweets some nudist pictures. Invariably, the women are young and slim. They’re nice to look at. What struck me looking at a recent shot where the woman was bent over and the camera was behind her, was how prominantly her vagina appeared. Now this isn’t news to me since I’ve had “lion-style” sex a lot, where I’ve seen that view and had a chance to enjoy what was displayed. What struck me looking at the picture was that nature’s message is very clear. All that’s missing is a sign that says “Insert Here”. Yet, almost all men look at the much smaller target, her anus, and seem to find it much more interesting than what’s below it.

I admit it; I like anal sex too. I don’t obsess over it. But it is fun once in a while. I think I’m more interested in Mrs. Lion putting things in my butt then I am doing the same to her with my penis. As I recall, she did enjoy some anal sex. I think she liked it more than me. Those were the good old days. I’m having a lot of fun now, but I do wish they would return. She had a lot of fun too. I’m not sure what we can do to restore those desires, but I’m willing to try anything that might work. Meanwhile, I think we have a good balance and we’re both happy. After all, that’s what’s really important.

side of bed spanking
This level of intensity is what I’m hoping Mrs. Lion will reach.update

Last night I got my second of three spankings for spilling on my shirt. It was different from any other Mrs. Lion is given me. She went harder and longer than I ever remember her doing. My bottom really hurts. I have to say that I’ve been her cheerleader in building up her confidence in giving me truly memorable spankings. In that vein I mentioned yesterday that she could go quite a bit further. She took my advice. I am not sorry she did. I was starting to feel truly chastised toward the end of her spanking. I think she’s beginning to approach a point where what she is doing is truly pushing me hard. I think she needs to do that in order for punishment to be really effective.

If she keeps upping the ante the way she did last night, I’m probably gonna be sorry I’ve been encouraging her. Of course, that’s the whole idea. Spanking is supposed to make me sorry. I think she’s on the way to reaching that point. Yes I know, this is really stupid of me. I’m encouraging her to hit me even harder. I’m convinced that’s the right thing to do. She’ll know when she reaches the point of true severity because I’ll stop egging her on. I’m not suggesting that she stop pushing me harder when I stop asking her to, I’m saying she’ll know that she’s reached the point where I don’t want her to do that anymore. Of course that means she absolutely should. I know, I know, I’m just getting myself into trouble again. I know that and I’m doing it because ultimately it’s going to help me become better and bring us closer. So there!