Paying Attention

spanking paddle hangs in bathroom
I hung this very large paddle in our bathroom where Lion could contemplate how this would feel if I take it off its hook.

How very convenient! Lion remembers reading somewhere that you shouldn’t shave if you’re waxing. I guess that means I can’t trim the hedge and I have to make room for the waxing table. And then, of course, I’ll have to make time for the actual waxing, as we say in the office, in my spare time.

I’ve changed my focus a few times, but I’m ready to make a real dent in the unpacking. As more and more gets set up, life will get better around the lions’ den. This will undoubtedly result in more time for Lion fun. Speaking of Lion fun, just to make him smile, I hung up the large paddle in the bathroom. Since we put up the towel rack, there was a hook with no purpose. It seemed to need something and I knew exactly where the big paddle was. Why not? Lion said he’d have to be on his best behavior.

He is correct. I have been letting his interruptions and know-it-all remarks go. [Lion — I knew it!] I have a finite amount of energy for things and it’s been easier for me to just make a snide remark back at him and keep moving than it would be to swat him. I know I should add it to the list and then move on. I don’t have to punish him on the spot. But even keeping track of what I did with the box knife is challenging for me right now. I’ll have to tell him when he’s pissing me off and he can keep track of how many times he’s done it. Then I can impose my sentence when I have a chance.

I have a feeling Lion’s buns would be quite red if I actually start paying attention. I do know where my favorite paddles are. And the one from the camper is still in play. That’s a nasty one. It’s a good thing he gets turned on thinking about receiving swats.