First Unlocktober Orgasm

Friday night Mrs. Lion began our Unlocktober celebration. She decided to stick strictly to the rules, unfortunately, and masturbated me until I had a very nice orgasm. I know she’d been planning to do oral sex and for some reason decided if the Unlocktober rule said hand jobs, that’s what she was going to do. I remain hopeful that the next release will be oral. For the record, before the Friday night my last orgasm was 11 days ago.

I’ve been conditioned to expect an orgasm about every seven days. I really wonder if I can turn to a much more frequent ejaculation interval. I always believed that “use it or lose it” applied especially to ejaculation frequency. I guess I will find out.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lion is busy unpacking the hundreds of boxes from our move. This morning when she woke up, she discovered that our blue and gold macaw died. He was collapsed in a heap on the bottom of his cage. I’ve had the bird over 25 years; his entire life. Mrs. Lion was particularly close to him for the 17 years she’s been with me. He could be very annoying, but he could also be enormous fun. We will both miss him.

About a year ago, our second bird passed away. She was an African gray who was also 25 years old. That’s a reasonable lifespan for a gray. But a macaw can live well over 100 years. We both wonder if he didn’t die of loneliness after his lifelong friend died.

Now, we are without a bird. Of course, we still have our golden retriever and she is wonderful company. Both birds displayed no signs of illness. After so many years, the house will feel a good deal emptier without our noisy, silly, feathered friends.

Mrs. Lion’s on a treasure hunt trying to find various components we need to get our kitchen together. I’m hoping that we will have time to work on my office as well. I’ve been using a laptop as we moved. My eyesight isn’t very good and I will be most appreciative if I can get back to my desktop computer with its 32 inch monitor.

Speaking of treasure hunting, Mrs. Lion’s paddle collection is still sequestered in a moving box. When she finally unearths it, I have 10 spankings waiting for me from before we moved. Fortunately, I’ve managed to avoid adding to that total the last two weeks. This is a bit of an accomplishment given the chaos surrounding our move.

I’m not sure which orgasm rhythm Mrs. Lion will use during Unlocktober. I don’t think I will do very well if she selects daily hand jobs. I think I’ll be challenged if I have to come every other day. It’s not up to me and I will do my best to meet the schedule she selects.


  1. How are your eyes coming along?? You haven’t really mentioned how the surgery has helped or not recently.

    1. Author

      Unfortunately, I’m still having trouble. The blood was cleared out of my left eye, but little vision was left. My right eye is still having issues. Needless to say, I’m very worried. The surgery did help clear the blood out of my left eye. Surgery on my right eye reduce the pressure for a while, but it’s up again now. We’re trying medication to control it.

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