Mrs. Lion’s Favorite View

rear view of lion
This is Mrs. Lion’s favorite view of me. It’s one of the few preferences she’s ever expressed. Oddly, she never asks me to assume this position so she can enjoy the view. She likes seeing my balls hanging down. I don’t like this image.

It’s difficult to get Mrs. Lion to express her preferences. She has never been very comfortable telling me what she likes and doesn’t like. Over the years, I have learned a few things about her preferences. She has a favorite view of me. The image on the right is her expressed favorite way to see me. She really enjoys it when I have to bend over and pick something up. To put it mildly, I don’t think I look good at all this way. Even though this is her preference, she steadfastly refuses to ask me to bend over to show her my best side.

erect lion penis
While Mrs. Lion clearly prefers my rear, if she is restricted to my cock and balls, she strongly prefers me hard. She likes my balls hanging low, but when I am erect, that doesn’t happen.

If you’ve been reading my posts for some time, you know my favorite views of me include my cock. I’ve published scores of them. Mostly I am flaccid and frequently locked in a chastity device. I’ve never been very fond of featuring my balls. I suspect Mrs. Lion prefers them front and center in any picture I publish.

A year or so ago I asked a question on Twitter about whether women prefer seeing soft or hard penises. About 75% preferred soft. When I asked Mrs. Lion for her preference, she said that she wasn’t fond of seeing a flaccid cock. She liked seeing erections.

Having said that, she reminded me that her favorite view is the one shown above, on the right. Like most guys, I also prefer seeing my erection. However, since this is a blog about male chastity, erections seem out of place. Also, I believe that my soft penis is more R-rated, while my erection is clearly rated X. Obviously, when I wear a chastity device, my penis will be completely flaccid.

I’m a little surprised she strongly prefers seeing a man’s erection as opposed to the far-less-threatening softy. To be completely clear, she said that her preference for erections is general, not just restricted to me. With my recent medical abstinence, she is careful not to make me hard. In fact, she is avoiding close contact in general. I’ve been thinking about that. I believe we’ve inadvertently made a connection between getting me hard and additional activity that either gets me to the edge or gets me off. If Mrs. Lion prefers me to have an erection, despite my strong wish that once I get one, she takes it to some logical conclusion, there’s absolutely no reason she can’t make me hard and do just enough to keep me that way without any need to go further.

I believe that as lioness 3.0 gets more comfortable, she may make me hard just because she likes to see me that way. She may also ask me to assume the bent-over rear-view position just because she likes to see it. Either or both of these activities will signal that she is less focused on what I want and more focused on what she likes.

naked lion outdoors
I’ve been naked at home for nearly our entire 17 years. I’m enjoying the summer day on our deck. Mrs. Lion has said that she’s quite fond of this view.

In fairness, she’s also said that she likes my butt. Any time she gets a clear view of my naked rump, she said that she enjoys it. The image on the right is one we published about a week ago. She commented that she likes it. Unlike the post-spanking pictures, it shows all of me.

I am required to be naked at all times when others are not around. Much of the time I wear a T-shirt which is permitted. I do that to keep warm. However, 3.0 might be asking me to remove the T-shirt to give her an unobstructed view. That’s absolutely fine with me.

She hasn’t expressed any feelings about how I look bent over the edge of the bed for spanking. I imagine she is more focused on producing the color she wants on my bottom than enjoying the landscape.

Having said all this, I have to point out that Mrs. Lion is not nearly as visual as I am. To date, she hasn’t made any requests for specific, or even general pictures to go with her posts. I insert them when I can. All of the pictures with this post illustrate Mrs. Lion’s preferences. Aside from the image with my erection, I’m not fond of the rear views.

I’m hoping that 3.0 will be more vocal with what she likes and doesn’t like. I would love it if she took the pictures of me to illustrate what she likes. I wonder if she begins to focus on what she likes to see, as opposed to what she thinks I would like her to enjoy, perhaps her libido would begin emerging. I think a good part of the issue is her focus on what she thinks I want as opposed to what works for her. Perhaps one way to get there is for her to make a conscious effort to express these preferences as often as possible. I may end up posing for some interesting portraits.

Maybe we can begin working on this in a similar way to how we built our disciplinary habits. If she’d like to accept it, I’d suggest that she take at least one picture of me in a way she likes every day. These won’t necessarily be for publication, but they will provide her with a way to focus on what visually pleases her. To be completely clear, I’m not suggesting that every day she comes up with something unique. I’m just not that interesting. Just that she refines her visual interest by experimenting with the camera.