She Plays Me Like A Violin

Closeup of a angry lion with open mouth and showing teeth

It’s been a busy weekend. Well, very busy for Mrs. Lion; not so busy for me. I feel terrible that she is stuck with the work preparing for move. Between physical restrictions from my eye surgery and my reduced ability to see, I’m not very useful right now. She spent a good part of today getting my office cleaned out and packed up. We are throwing out far more than we are moving. That’s very good news. I’m still really worried we won’t be ready in time.

She predicted it wouldn’t be long before I earn a spanking. She was right. We had a snack Sunday afternoon and I managed to drip some sauce on my shirt. I was rewarded with that knowing smile she likes to use when I break a rule. That smile means I will be getting three spankings. On Saturday I asked her if I could get a spanking to make up for the things she couldn’t punish me for when I was sick. She declined. That made me think about our play spankings. I realized that there is a big difference now between a BDSM spanking and punishment. It has nothing to do with how Mrs. Lion administers it. The play spanking is just that: a spanking. That’s right, just one. Punishment is a series of at least three. For the record, I wasn’t a bit happy about spilling. On Saturday, I was in the mood for a spanking. On Sunday, the idea of three was very unappealing.

Saturday night marked the end of my post-surgical hiatus. Mrs. Lion celebrated it by giving me a wonderful hand job. I know she wasn’t fully recovered from her stomach problems on Friday night. I was very grateful for the relief. Before finally letting me ejaculate, she brought me so close to the edge I was positive I was going to have a ruined orgasm. It was so close I could feel muscle starting to contract. I was very surprised that she had me so well tuned that I was teetering on the edge but didn’t fall over. Once the orgasm came later, it was almost painful. It seemed to last a very long time.

Lately I’ve noticed that my orgasms are less of a mountain peak and more of a very high plateau. It still builds up the same way it always did, but at the top I just seem to sit in a very intense place for several seconds; it feels much longer to me. Then, it feels the way it always does after an orgasm. I don’t know if this is normal or potentially part of a problem. Whatever it is, the longer I wait, the more pronounced my stay on this very high plateau becomes. Sometimes, after a long wait, it almost hurts to come. This time it wasn’t exactly painful, but it was incredibly intense. I could hear the sounds it was ringing out of me.

It may be my imagination, but I think I’m much more vocal lately. I attribute this to my vocal performance when I’m spanked. I try to be quiet. After all, shouldn’t I be stoic? No matter how hard I try, I yelp. I guess I’m pretty noisy. I’ve been thinking that these reactions are carrying over to the polar opposite: orgasms. For a very long time, most of my life, I was very quiet when I came. I think there was a detectable change in my breathing but no vocalizations.

I’m not complaining. I think Mrs. Lion likes hearing me enjoy the fruit of her masturbatory labor. I suspect she also enjoys my reaction to the very different physical labor of paddling me. In some cultures, when you enjoy a meal you’re supposed to burp loudly to show your appreciation of the fine food. I’ve always appreciated strong vocalization when I provide an orgasm to my partner. For the record, Mrs. Lion expressed her gratitude very vocally. I loved that.

I hope she enjoys the sounds I produce. I can’t silence myself. I know that in the case of spanking, she’s commented on how my yelps change depending on what part of my butt she is paddling. I can’t say that I’ve noticed that. I know I make noise, but I’m not at all sure how I sound or what the sounds mean. Mrs. Lion knows. Screams and roars appear to be the reactions she wants to produce. I guess she’s learned to play me like a musical instrument.

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  1. Now there’s a goal for you—trying to get Beethoven’s fifth or ninth symphony from you by using different implements and locations on your ass!
    How about it Mrs. Lion??

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