Let’s Give It a Try

Lion was surprised to get an orgasm last night. He kept saying he didn’t expect it. He said I wrote that he wouldn’t be getting an orgasm. He was grateful but confused. Silly boy. He should know I’m all about keeping him on his toes. He likes magic. He tries to figure out how the tricks are done. It’s usually misdirection. Look! Over there! Nope. Right here, Lion. He hasn’t realized that he’ll never quite figure me out.

He seems to be reminiscing lately in his posts. When we first started enforced chastity, Lion was surprised when I decided to give him an orgasm every night. Back in the day, he really got sex ending in an orgasm every night. Then we entered a period of Lion having almost no sex. It made sense to me to get back to an orgasm a day. Of course, there were a few considerations I hadn’t taken into account. First of all, we were both older. It stands to reason that things you could do even five years ago aren’t as easy now. Second, you can’t necessarily go from zero to one hundred and sustain it for any length of time.

Luckily for Lion we settled in to a more attainable schedule. However, in his reminiscing, Lion wonders what would happen if we tried an orgasm a day again. Everything is in turmoil at the moment, but by the end of the month, we should be all moved in and mostly unpacked. There’s no reason we can’t give an orgasm a day a try again.

Since we’re trying it together, either one of us can end it. Obviously, Lion can end it at any time if he simply can’t go on every night. But what if he’s just tired of doing it? Maybe everything is going a long well, but Lion is done. No harm, no foul. It’s not a rule. It’s not an experiment. Well, it is an experiment, but not a normal, Mrs. Lion experiment. We just want to see what happens. No pressure.

Look for the orgasm a day to start by the end of September. It may be sooner.