Lion Drought

Lion is funny. He keeps questioning the discharge papers that said to avoid intimate activity for two weeks. Why didn’t the other surgeries require that? I think it could be because the other surgeries were done in ambulatory surgery centers and this was done in a hospital so they’re looking to cover their ass; or it could be because it’s a more involved surgery. Obviously there’s a reason or they wouldn’t have put it on the discharge papers.

Funnier still is the fact that it hasn’t even been a full week yet. He’s already raring to go. The other night, when we snuggled, he said I could move my hand up a little more. Of course, just to be silly, I moved the other hand. When he protested I said I was only following doctor’s orders.

Do I really think there’s a problem with intimate activity? Nope. It’s just fun to torture him with it. Sorry. I’d love to edge you, but that would be intimate activity. No can do. Talk to me in X days.

I did worry a little bit about causing pressure to build up after the right eye surgery. But I was already edging him at the time and it seemed the “damage” would occur whether I edged him or went all the way to an orgasm. At that point I gave him an orgasm.

I’m pretty sure Lion won’t ask if he can now have sex at his appointment tomorrow. He’ll ask when he can wear a contact. He’ll ask if he needs to watch for any other side effects. He’ll ask how the pressure is. And from that he’ll infer whether he’s good to go for sex. But, clearly, he thinks he’s good to go now.

So yes, Lion, I’ve been messing with your mind. Regardless of what the doctor says, (unless your eyeball is in danger of popping out of your head) we’ll resume edging tomorrow night. We don’t have to wait a full two weeks as the discharge paper say. Your drought is over.


    1. Thanks, Michael. The appointment went very well. I am healing nicely. The meds have to continue for another month. They really mess up my vision.

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