Cleared for Takeoff

Lion had a positive doctor visit today. He can wear a contact in the left eye in a week. He’s reducing the number of times per day he uses the drops. The doctor was very happy with the outcome of the surgery. We are too.

The dog also had her appointment. We thought she had an ear infection. She does not. The theory is that she has an allergy that is causing her to scratch. She’s also fat. We all are. We need to stop feeding her from our plates. She won’t like that at all.

Of course, the best news is that Lion’s rules are back in effect. Well, he thinks the best news is that sex is back on the table. I guess both are true. If he can handle sex then he should be able to handle rules. Actually, the doctor said he can do a little more each week. Does that mean he can be spanked at one-quarter strength this week, half-strength next week and full-strength the following week? Maybe the rules can be in effect this week but I can’t spank him till next week.

I’m being silly. The rules are in full effect. Punishment can go on as usual. I can edge Lion or give him an orgasm as I see fit. Conversely, I can make him wait for an orgasm as I see fit. It’s nice to have things somewhat back to normal.