Bumping Into The Furniture

blind lion
blind lion rescued by ADI. I’m rescued by Mrs. Lion.

This certainly counts as one of those times when the going is rough. I’m scheduled for two surgeries to try to save my vision. We are in the process of moving to a different house. The good news is that in the new house I can be picked up door-to-door by a special disabled bus. This will save Mrs. Lion leaving work to chauffeur me to various appointments. I haven’t been able to get any physical therapy because it would require her to miss even more time at the office. My employer is being terrific about this and allows me to work around the medical issues.

For the time being, the spilling food rule has been suspended. I’m grateful for that. I can’t see well enough to know where I’m putting food right now. Every meal is an adventure. In one way I’m a little sorry the rule isn’t in force. I wouldn’t be able to eat anymore neatly if it were, but might be more of an adventure if my bottom got spanked after inevitable misses. Disabilities or no disabilities, I like adventure.

I’m also lucky because our current landlord isn’t going to rigorously push us out the door at the end of the lease. Of course, we are doing our best to meet the schedule, but they know with my issues we could easily be late. We’ve been here 13 years and that builds up a lot of capital.

A few years ago we decided we would then out our toy collection. Seattle has something called The Center for Sex Positive Culture. It’s an organization that sponsors parties and workshops in all sorts of BDSM and other naughty activity. Mrs. Lion and I figured they could auction off the toys, they were very expensive custom toys, and use the proceeds to help them in their cause. When we brought them to their headquarters they did say thank you. That was the last we heard from. We expected some sort of communication about the value of our donation. Like many BDSM associations, good manners don’t seem to be something that is valued. We have surplus toys now. We aren’t going to give them away. We’ll either sell them or send them to landfill. Frankly, landfill is more grateful than The Center.

All these health problems bring home the fact that we are done with organized BDSM. Our activities will be private. Most will be punishment directed in forcing our FLRD. I’m sure that Mrs. Lion will find opportunities to just play. I’m good either way.

No one has ever been kinder to me than my lioness. She is sacrificing her time and energy and her paycheck to be sure that I am cared for. It’s not easy taking me from doctors appointments to other doctors appointments. She waits with me for hours until we get seem. She’ll be in the waiting room on Thursday while I get my glaucoma operation. She’ll be with me every second that I’m blind. She warned me that I better follow her instructions or I will be hurt. I get it. She’ll have to tell me where it’s safe to put my paws.

When I got home from the hospital after that terrible spinal surgery, I was virtually helpless. I needed help sitting up’s, standing, and doing absolutely everything else. Mrs. Lion took care of me. I hate putting her in a similar position again. This time I can do things for myself if I can find the things. I know will work it out. Nobody wants a clumsy, blind line bumping into everything. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be with Mrs. Lion. I’m hers and she’s mine. On a less romantic note, I wonder how she’ll feel about spanking the blind old lion. Just fine, I imagine. Without a doubt, I’ll find out.

I’ve also disproven that old wives tale that your goal blind if you masturbate. I’m going blind and I don’t masturbate. So there!


  1. I really hope your vision can be saved. All the best at this trying time. Mrs Lion is spectacular!

    1. Author

      She is! She takes wonderful care of me. I try not to be too much trouble. I keep the grumbling to a minimum. But I’m really worried. I’m not designed to be sightless. I’m clumsy enough with full vision.

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