It’s Been a Lot

I didn’t really think Lion would be able to make it to the edge, but I owed it to him to try. It was the first night we’ve even snuggled in a while. He’s been so wiped out by the new drug, he’s usually sleeping on and off.

Once I sat up, he did manage to get hard, but it was short lived. I went back to snuggling and just idly playing with him. He said it felt good and that’s really all that matters. If we don’t actively feel sick, it’s nice to touch in some capacity. It doesn’t have to lead to anything.

Lion’s worried about Thursday’s surgery leaving him blind for an extended period of time like the first one did. Unless the doctor can convince him the surgery needs to be done before the one that could potentially clear up his left eye, he won’t have Thursday’s surgery. There’s so much going on and things keep changing. I feel like I’m in a revolving door. I just need someone to tell me where Lion needs to be at a certain time once everything is finalized. I can’t keep spinning around.

I told my boss this morning that 2020 better be calmer than this year has been or I’m committing myself to a mental hospital. You’ll find me in the corner, sucking my thumb. And this is just from my point of view. Imagine how Lion feels. I have no idea how he hasn’t been reduced to sucking his thumb by now. It’s just been a lot.

On the plus side, both of us have been losing weight. We’ve been using Hello Fresh which helps with portion control and having a balanced meal. We also didn’t eat lunch over the weekend. That was less of a conscious effort and more time flying past us. I assume as I run around packing things, I will lose a little weight too. Reaching and lifting and moving should be worth something. Come on! I need to get something out of the deal.