long handle stirrer paddle
This is the industrial-sized stirrer I found when cleaning out my closet. The long handle will give me a lot of power.

We went through Lion’s side of the closet yesterday. Today is my turn. His side netted three bags for donation and a box of clothes that can be moved right away. So far, I have three bags and I haven’t gone through shoes. I also have a box and a half of clothes that can be moved right away. It’s amazing to me how much stuff we’ve accumulated. And how much dust is on that stuff. Clearly, we don’t need those things if they have that much dust on them. Time to pare things down.

lion's bare rear modelling paddle
You can see that this found toy has a nice, large striking face. Lion will certainly feel every swat! This is one of my favorite views of Lion.
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I did find an interesting paddle on my shelf. I forgot we even had it. Technically, it’s a wooden stirrer made for food service. However, like many things it can be used for kinky purposes. I don’t remember ever using it. Maybe it wasn’t really purchased for use. It might be one of those things that is brought out as a threat. “Don’t make me use this on you!” Lion models it for you (image, left).

It would certainly deliver a strong message. I’d need lots of practice to be able to perfect my aim. I’m not suggesting I’d practice on Lion. Any errant blows could cause serious harm. I think I’d practice on a pillow first. But, as I said, it might not ever be for human consumption.

Given the fact that I found clothes I completely forgot about, I’m interested to see what else I find while I pack things up. Maybe I have other paddles that I used to like, but have fallen behind something or have been packed up when we had a visitor. Packing might be fun if I approach it as a treasure hunt. Lion’s butt might not be too happy with the treasure, but that’s another matter. Of course, there are the more mundane things that will show up, like the spring form pans I was looking for when I wanted to make cheesecake. I know they’re here somewhere!

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  1. We have a few things we’ve misplaced in our house that we’ve looked for numerous times. Ultimately it may not be until we move that we find them! So I guess moving is at least good for one thing.

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