Just A Quick Note

The two most difficult things for me to manage are health problems and moving. Both can make me temporarily psychotic. So naturally, I’m facing both right now. My vision is continuing to decline from glaucoma and our landlord has informed us we have to vacate by the end of September. The last time we moved was about 14 years ago when we came west from New York.

To top things off, I’m suffering some nerve pain from my surgery in March. Both drugs I can take for this have depression as a side effect. Mrs. Lion has been great through all of this. She’s searching for a new place for us to live. Everything’s more expensive than where we are now. As long as I can keep my job, that won’t be a problem. The big question in my mind is how long I can keep doing my job if things continue to deteriorate.

I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon. Last night (Saturday), we were both too tired to do much. Mrs. Lion wasn’t up to delivering a spanking and I had no interest in sex. Tonight, I’m pretty sure I’ll get the next spanking I am owed and Mrs. Lion will edge me. We rarely go off our routines for more than a day.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep searching for a new place to live and I’ll head over to the ophthalmologist to see if we can’t do something to prevent me from becoming a blind old lion.


  1. I’m hoping your vision can be saved and improved. And that your recovery speeds up from this last surgery. Life is hard enough without all these extra problems. Good luck with your home hunting!

    1. Author

      Thanks! Your good wishes mean a lot to me.

  2. Sheesh, they finally get the deck finished and now you have to move! Hopefully you can find an acceptable place soon.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the good wishes. I wondered why they would have put in such a nice deck just for us. Now I know that they didn’t.

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