ginger that went up lion's ass
This is the piece of nicely aged ginger root that I carved and then inserted into Lion’s waiting ass.

I may have forgotten to cage Lion again last night, but I didn’t forget to play with him. Ironically, our dinner included ginger. He had ginger coming and going.

I had no idea how long to leave the ginger in. I know it loses its heat at some point and there’s really no need to keep it in any longer than that. I arbitrarily decided on six minutes. Lion says it still had a lot of heat left in it. Oh well. Live and learn. The good news is that we have quite a bit of ginger left over. And it tends to get hotter as it ages.

ginger root on its way up lion's ass
The carved ginger root is on its way up Lion’s butt. No lube of course, that would block the burn. It went up surprisingly easily anyway.

When we email back and forth during the day, we usually end with KISS. Sometimes I throw LICK in there. Lion will answer with “mmmmm”. Yesterday I sent KISS LICK SUCK at the end of the first email. True to my word, I gave him some oral attention last night. I edged him once or twice and then decided to give him an orgasm. How many days had it been? Who knows. Who cares. [Lion — It was six days]

Lion was definitely happy. He was panting for a while afterward. And smiling, of course.

And then I forgot to lock him back up. Lion remembered before we went to sleep but I didn’t feel like getting out of bed again. I thought maybe I’d do it this morning, but I’ve had such a hard time getting out the door in the morning and traffic has been horrible. We can do it tonight. This time I’ll make it Lion’s responsibility to remind me. By bedtime he needs to be caged.


  1. Ginger is something I’d like to try. It’s one of those thing where, when the inspiration strikes there seems to be none in the house.

    1. We always have some in a zip lock bag in the fridge. As it ages, it gets stronger. Some mold on it doesn’t make it unusable. It’s normal.

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