Things Are Heating Up

This is Lion’s butt just 15 minutes after a very strong and painful spanking (judging by his yelps). You can see some rough spots, nothing is very red. How frustrating!
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We’ve finally gotten some heat here in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, it’s nothing like the heat in the east, but we’ve been waiting for nice weather for a while. We plan to grill some London broil for dinner.

I’ve been very achy lately. I know I’ve been doing a lot of things I don’t normally do, like carrying barbecues and deck furniture, but I shouldn’t be achy all the time. I think the culprit is probably lack of good sleep. I don’t know what’s causing the lack of good sleep. At any rate, it’s affecting our evening rituals of playing.

Thursday night I put off punishment because Lion wasn’t feeling well. We also didn’t play. Friday night I attempted to edge him, but it was sort of late and we didn’t get very far. Saturday night I whomped his butt and he wanted a picture because it hurt a lot. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even red by the time I took the picture. Oh well. I guess it’s okay since it still hurt. We didn’t play last night either. By 10 I was very achy and I could have fallen asleep. By bedtime I wasn’t so sleepy. I’m just going to have to suck it up and maintain punishment and play as if I’m not achy or tired. At some point it will get better.

Lion will be done with his punishment tonight. He’s been a good boy, although he did call my daughter Samantha the other day. That’s not her name. He’d probably be annoyed if I called his daughter what’s-her-face, but I don’t think that really rises to the level of a punishment. Not to worry. I’m sure he’ll do something to earn himself some swats. He’s come perilously close to being a know-it-all recently. Maybe he’ll cross that line soon.

Tonight I’ll try to edge him again. If it doesn’t work he’ll probably say he’s broken. He’s not. He’s got a good sex drive for an old fart. Every so often he reads something about older married people averaging sex once a week. Lion could give them a few pointers. Of course, he has an incredibly doting wife. He’s a very lucky man. And, yes, he realizes it. He better. I have paddles.

[Lion — I knew Mrs. Lion was very tired. I was extremely surprised that she got her paddle and spanked me. I was also surprised that there was no play later. I wasn’t disappointed because I knew how tired she was. Apparently, punishing me is at the top of her chore list and she will do it whether she is tired or not.]


    1. I am very lucky and I know it!

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