penis christmas lights
Express the holiday spirit in lights!

It’s only a week until Christmas and Chanukah is going on now, a perfect time to talk about tree trimming; yours. Male chastity tree trimming is decorating your tree with a nice shiny new male chastity device. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  I doubt there will be something under the holiday tree to lock onto your tree. There could be next year.  If you are thinking about starting in enforced male chastity, read on.

The Basics
When you have spent a long time fantasizing about being locked up and then finally make up your mind to go for it, you want to start now! You also probably want to spend as little as possible on your first cage. What if you hate being locked up? Why invest a lot of money in something you won’t use? First of all, getting into your first cage takes a lot of preparation. You need to understand your measurements (See Getting a Good Fit for details). Second, you should try to avoid the pitfalls many new caged males hit.

I’m sure you have put “inescapable” on top of the requirements for your first cage. Forget it! Every device can be escaped. Some may take more effort than others, but they are all escapable. It’s the male anatomy. Besides, it’s you who wants to be locked up. Why try to be a penis Houdini with a device you have dreamed of wearing?

If you plan to wear this device for more than a day or so, the first item on your list must be comfort. It should be so comfortable that you can’t even feel it is there most of the time. Otherwise, even minor discomforts will add up and end your dream. Comfort comes from proper fit. It also comes from putting security low on your list. If your balls don’t pop out of  your base ring, it isn’t too large. Ideally, it should be tight enough so that you can only get one finger between the ring and your body. But if you don’t plan on escaping and a larger ring feels better, go for the larger ring. The cage should touch all sides and the head of your penis at all times. If the cage is too big,  you will spray pee all over the place and you will permit your penis to get more erect than a device should allow.

Cheap Cages
Inexpensive plastic, silicone, or steel cages are made to fit average cocks. I’m pretty sure there isn’t such a thing, but that’s the plan. The cheap steel cages generally come with a hinged base ring. This seemed like a good idea to me at first. The ring is hinged and you place it behind your balls, close, and lock it. The problem is that these rings are rectangular in cross section and no matter how smooth, the edges will bother you after a while. The hinge is usually covered by a silicone sleeve to prevent pinching. This sleeve tends to grip your scrotum and hurts when your body needs to slip against it.

Plastic and silicone rings have the same issue. Even if the ring is round or oval in cross section, plastic and silicone being less strong than steel, need to be wider and thicker to have the needed strength. Many guys who wear these devices have constant irritation and many try to use lubes to improve the slip. They rarely forget they are caged. The cage becomes more difficult than the enforced male chastity. That’s why I think stainless steel is the best. It’s a bit heavier than plastic or silicone, but the metal lets your skin move against the ring as you go through your day. I have never needed to take the device off because of irritation nor use any lube.

Ask for Money This Year
Given that we are all built a bit differently, I strongly suggest you take your Christmas money and put it toward a custom male chastity device. There are two guys who make great devices: Mature Metal and Steelworx. Mature Metal is in Texas. Steelworx is in Germany. Both outfits are great to deal with. Depending on the device and extras, a custom device will cost between $300 and $500. My Mature Metal Jail Bird was about $350 with the security screw. Mature Metal corresponded with me and helped me select the right device and offered suggestions about fit. The Getting A Good Fit page has the advice I received and used. Please read it carefully.

I know, that’s a lot of money. Worse yet, you have to wait about 6 weeks for a Mature Metal cage and 8 or more for Steelworx. The results are worth the wait. I strongly suggest you save the $100 to $200 you will waste on cheap devices and just go for a custom device from the start. Aside from really fitting well, the cost is a strong incentive not to quit too soon. Knowing you have $400 invested in that device locked on your penis may be a good incentive to leave it there until you get comfortable being caged. I’m sure you dreamed about being caged for a long time. An extra few weeks won’t add that much to your wait and will pay off with a device you can really live in.