I Got In My Own Way

We tried the new spanking position that Lion wanted to try. He was on his knees with his head on the bed. He wanted me to grab his balls to hold him still. It was easier to grab his cock and balls together than it was to just grab his balls. I had no problem tugging them behind him. Unfortunately, I seem to be in my own way when I spank him like this.

I decided to use my hands since that’s what it shows in the pictures. I’m afraid I wasn’t very effective. I was concerned that a paddle would add another element to things and I didn’t want to be juggling balls and a paddle at the same time. I’m not very happy with this position but I won’t give up after only one try. Lion says he loves when I do things to him from behind so we’ll be trying again at some point.

As evidence of his affinity for things being done behind him, my weenie was standing at near attention when he rolled back over. His arousal waned for a bit, but I kept playing with him and eventually it came back. I edged him within an inch of his life. I got very close at least twice. I thought maybe he was heading for a ruined orgasm but it stopped just short. I had a very horny Lion.

Just before bed, when I was about to do his eye drops, I handed him the base ring for him to put on. He made a face. He said he thought I forgot. I did until I saw it on his nightstand. Now he is horny and securely locked away. I haven’t heard a peep about the cage so I assume it hasn’t been an issue for him. I know he’d rather be wild but that’s just too bad.