Frustration Spanking

side of bed spanking
This is a variation on what Lion asked for. I can stand the way I did before while he is in the over-the-bedside position he wants.

Is it possible I used last night’s punishment to take out frustration on Lion’s butt? I’m sure he’d say that was fine. He’s wanted me to do it for some time. But what if the frustration is with the manner of punishment? Not spanking, but the position.

I’m not at all sure I like this strange, pseudo-over-the-knee position. With that in mind, I may have swatted extra hard last night. I mean, I know I swatted extra hard. But I don’t think I realized why at the time. Now I’m wondering if that’s why. I’m not sure I have an answer to that. Yet.

Lion comes up with most of our new ideas. He wonders why I don’t. Personally, I think if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Did he think I’d swat him more often if the position was more comfortable for me? I don’t remember saying I was uncomfortable. I don’t remember ever thinking I’d swat him more if only my arms didn’t get so tired and sore.

What I think happened is that the position is as close to over the knee as he can get and he’s really turned on by over the knee spanking. And here we are. In all fairness, he did tell me if I don’t like it we can go back to the old way. And obviously, if I’m in charge, I could make that decision whether he approves of it or not. It’s not like I need him to give me permission to stop using Icy Hot, for example. Within reason, I can do whatever I want to him. Or stop doing whatever I want, for that matter.

I think I’m just anti-change right now because I’m still doing most of the stuff around the house. I don’t really need another thing to think about. Let’s get another puppy! No. We can get X cheaper if we just run down to Tacoma. No. Maybe we should…. No.

However, if that’s the only reason I’m anti-pseudo-over-the-knee, then I need to get over it. And the only way to get over it is to continue. Maybe I’ll wind up liking it after all. Maybe it will be the go to position. Maybe it will be one of the go to positions. Maybe I’ll decide I really do hate it. But I can’t know that unless I give it time. So that’s what we’ll do.