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Speaking of stupid. Here is the PBS rundown of last night’s shows. They appear to be Vertically challenged.

A couple of days ago I read a post on one of the blogs that claim to be about FLM. I’d give you the link, but I don’t want to dignify this trash with more traffic.  The blog is allegedly written by a married woman who practices enforced chastity and FLM. So far so good. But wait, in a piece entitled “There Was A Time” some amazingly stupid comments were dressed up as facts. Are you ready? She spent some time describing how she was pushed into giving him oral sex on demand. She made it clear that she hated it.

I was supporting the idea that I was here to give him the sexual pleasure he thought he needed and was my job to fulfill.
It was only a small step from there to “well if she won’t meet this need in me then I will find a way to meet it myself”. Men actually feel justified if they have an affair or masturbate by saying it is somehow our fault.

Really? Maybe the real question is why she so resented him having sexual pleasure?

Like every other addiction if you feed it things get worse. Like the movie “Little Shop of Horrors” it starts out as just a drop of blood but by the end of the movie he is feeding the plant complete human bodies or something bad will happen. If you satisfied him him once this week, then next month it’s twice a week. Take care of that and soon it’s three times or you have let him down. It never stopped.

So if you let a man have sex you are feeding an addiction. Wow, I was a junkie.

When God made your man and he became your husband God created in him the need to give of himself to you. He needs you to complete him.

He can only give if you will take. It is no more complex than that. Quit frustrating God’s purpose for your husband and let him give. If he is to give of himself like Christ did the church then by God LET HIM GIVE!

What church does she belong to?

Because we both know that his orgasm was designed for pro-creation and mine for recreation I’m free to relax and enjoy his attention.

Aside from the fact that procreation is one word, this is an amazing piece of pseudo science. There is a lot of science about primates (us) and sex. Unlike many other mammals, sex for us is a bonding activity much more than procreative. Did I miss the class where they taught that female orgasm is recreational, but mine is just to make babies. Seems to me that not long ago people thought it was the other way around.

Out of nowhere, like I had just remembered to tell him that the car was making a funny noise, I told him that I decided it was wrong for me to perform oral sex on him and would not be doing it anymore, ever.

After all, his orgasms are for reproduction and this female was done having babies. Do you get pregnant when you swallow semen? And she shared some more of her scientific knowledge to rationalize keeping her husband’s penis far from her mouth or vagina. I’m pretty sure she never even considered anal sex.

It has long been known that semen, filled with male hormones, ingested by a female causes multiple hormonal problems and carries considerable infection risks. Not to mention, studies have proven that semen inside a fertile woman’s vagina had enormous health and mood benefits for her but semen inside a post-menopausal woman’s vagina  actually is detrimental to vaginal health by causing infections and can cause unwanted mood issues.

Am I the only one who never heard of this? I had no idea that I am a walking bed of infection and hormonal bombs. Finally, she discusses how she relates to him now that his penis is locked up and he is sentenced to a life of abstinence:

I love him but have stopped touching his genital area now that we no longer want any more children. I will touch him when I unlock/lock him or inspect for any damage being caused by his device, but this is done in a more clinical fashion.

I wonder if this sort of ignorance is being taught somewhere. It concerns me that there are women out there who have used a combination of religious voodoo and pseudo science to convince their husbands to be locked up for their own good. Fortunately this blog has virtually no readership.

The reason I am taking the time and space to talk about this is that I am shocked and offended that such ignorance can come up in a search engine alongside legitimate web sites. There are, of course, equally offensive male run domestic discipline blogs too that claim Christian teachings demand they control their wives with firm corporeal punishment.

My message is simple: Enforced chastity and FLM are consensual. Using coercion of any kind — religious, psychological, or pseudo science — is immoral and unethical. I hope you agree.

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    I’m probably not the right person to respond to this because I’m not a big fan of religion in general. It seems to be the rationale for a lot of bad stuff in this world.

    However, since I have a tendency to give my opinions anyway, I always seem to read this type of post and blog as more fantasy than reality. Sure, most guys aren’t going to turn down a blow job from their SO. I am a big fan of teasing Snake that way, but, even before enforced chastity, he didn’t expect the count to keep ratcheting up. I didn’t feel obligated to give him x number of orgasms in a week. We love each other and we enjoy giving each other pleasure. Isn’t that part of a relationship?

    I think you can find justification for whatever you want to do if you look hard enough for it. That doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t even make it wrong if it works for you and is consensual. The problem comes in telling people that what they are doing is wrong and trying to prove it with non-facts. Enforced chastity, BDSM and FLR all have to be consensual on both sides and have to be negotiated for the benefit of both. IMHO. 🙂

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