exhausted lioness on her back

It was colder and windier than I expected when I went out to run errands last night. As a result, my sinus headache came back with a vengeance. I was tired, cold, irritable, and had a headache on top of it all. I don’t know if Lion was looking for sex last night, but I sure wasn’t. So far I don’t have a headache today.

Late yesterday afternoon, Lion added an appointment to Friday afternoon. My job doesn’t have a problem with me adjusting hours to avoid taking paid time off, but it has to be done within the same week. I now have three hours to make up in two days. I’ll do two hours tonight and have to log back in after we get home from his appointment to make up the last hour. It’s gotten me a little on edge.

Our landlord is also coming back today to fix what he didn’t fix last weekend. We don’t know when, so I’ve been running around on my breaks and lunch to get things out of the way. We also have wall-to-wall empty boxes that I haven’t had time to put in the recycle bin. And the laundry is now only partially done because I can only run around in circles so long before I have to get back to work. This all has me on edge too.

To add to the fun, I just had training for a new thing at work that has all three of us from the class scratching our heads, wondering what this fresh hell is. I’m sure it will make some sense once the initial panic wears off. But right now, we’re pretty confused. At least I’m not alone in that sinking ship.

Any one of these things is enough to drive me to drink, but that would be empty calories, and we just blew our diet for the week with pizza and salad last night. I wonder how much weight we gained with that one meal.

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