Yesterday was my seventh day of waiting between orgasms. As I’ve been writing, I haven’t had much interest in sex until a full week has passed. Almost magically on the seventh day, my interest returns. I hesitate to think that I now have a seven day refractory period. It does seem to be more than a coincidence that starting with the seventh day I go into heat.

I’m sure this is just a side effect of my surgery; at least I hope it is. If it isn’t, I’m sure we can figure something out to take up that long seven day refractory cycle. Mrs. Lion has been a bit under the weather. I suspect it’s her spring allergies. As of Sunday I still haven’t gotten my swats for forgetting to thank her for my last spanking. She’s also not feeling up to giving me my Brazilian waxing. I’m sure she’ll get around to it soon.

I also think that I may end up wearing the Jail Bird or Nub very soon. I’m getting much more competent moving around and coordinating. I think I can probably have no issue wearing a full-on chastity device.

I’m not sure if there are some other issues underlying our recent move away from our power exchanges. I suspect that having to suspend everything for a couple of months allowed inertia to set in. I think we are both happier when fully engaged in our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD) and enforced chastity power exchanges.

Mrs. Lion likes it when I’m wild. She much prefers touching and washing my penis when it is not locked in a device. She prefers not having to bother with unlocking and re-locking me. Similarly, enforcing rules takes energy as well.

From my perspective, I feel much more isolated when we go back to the no-power-exchange mode of six years ago. Mrs. Lion spends a lot of time with her iPad playing games. I watch TV. Our interaction falls dramatically. Since it’s so difficult for me to go out, we don’t even have the opportunity to shop and explore together. The combination of my reduced mobility and our suspended power exchanges has created a significant void in our relationship.

I wonder if the seven day refractory period isn’t at least partially due to this isolation. Even if it isn’t, reinstatement of our power exchange gives us a lot more opportunity to interact.

I suppose this is another example of how we are weird. I think it demonstrates how we creatively adapted to a potentially relationship-damaging pattern. The current problem is how we start again.

It seems to me that we need to find ways to get very active very fast. The best way to jumpstart our FLRD is to establish new rules that I am almost certainly going to break often. That’s how we got started years ago. The rules we started with, no spilling food on my clothing and waiting for Mrs. Lion to eat first, have been fully trained into me. I almost never break either of them. We need some new opportunities for me to get in trouble.

Similarly, we probably need to get very strict about enforced male chastity. That probably means going back to full-time lockup in a chastity device with regular edging. Of course, since my current refractory period is a full week, Mrs. Lion may need to get creative on the teasing.

I’m not surprised that we are having some trouble restarting things. After all, I am completely trained not to play with myself and to follow the limited set of rules Mrs. Lion has created. There is no overwhelming need for her to lock me up or punish me.

In terms of our success as a disciplinary couple, this is really good news. However, in terms of FLRD and enforced male chastity being effective tools to help us interact, her success has created a problem.

Fortunately, we should be able to fix this. We certainly know what to do. We just have to start doing it again. In a way, this is almost the opposite of what happens to many people when they try these power exchanges. They frequently discover that there is no lasting value in these practices. There is nothing going on beyond a locked penis and a red bottom.

When we started, Mrs. Lion was sure that we would both get bored and stop shortly after we started. I admit that I also wondered if this was something we could keep doing. Five years later, there’s no question that we are not bored and we can continue this as long as we live.

I think we both expected that suspending these activities during my recovery would just be a temporary pause with no further consequences until we began again. Apparently, we have to pay more conscious attention if we are going to start again.

I also wonder if there isn’t something we can do to reduce the one-week refractory period. Maybe I need more and longer stimulation even though it feels like nothing is going to happen. I don’t know. I just hope we can fix this. On the other hand, I’m sure we can restart our power exchange as soon as Mrs. Lion decides we are ready.