Podcast, Waxing and Waning

boyzillianI have to admit, I’m more than a little nervous about the podcast we’ll be doing in about an hour. I don’t like public speaking. I know I won’t be in front of people, but my words will be out there for all to hear and I have a tendency to say the wrong thing. Fingers crossed.

Lion seems to think he can make it down the stairs to be waxed. It would be more stairs than he’s managed since his surgery. Besides, down may not be the issue. Up is more difficult. With that in mind, if I do wax him, I’ll bring the table up or we’ll figure out how to do it on our bed. It will be only be a Boyzilian. I don’t think either one of us has the energy for the full body.

Lastly, Lion’s interest in sex seems to be waning. Perhaps not his interest so much as his ability to get to the edge or beyond. He can get an erection and all seems cleared for takeoff, except he can’t quite get off the ground. I know it was fairly late when we started last night because the dog had a seizure. He didn’t even achieve an erection. However, I know that was because of the hour.

I’m hoping with the waxing, he’ll be excited enough tonight. Depending on how many sore spots the waxing creates, I may use some clothespins on my balls. I may even give him the spanking he earned for not thanking me for his punishment the other night. And I just realized he forgot to remind me yesterday was punishment day. Oh, he’s in for it now for sure.

I’m just trying to figure out how to jump start the Lion again. As soon as he thinks he’s broken, I think he gets so down on himself that it takes more effort to get him back. So I’m prepared to try anything in my arsenal. Watch out, Lion!