Twice yesterday, Lion was a know-it-all and an interrupter. I let one of them go but on the second one I asked if I could finish what I was saying. In both cases I already knew the information he wanted to share but that didn’t stop him.

I didn’t punish him for it but I’ve since decided he needs to be punished. He knew he was interrupting. How could he not? Especially when I asked if I could finish what I was saying. I don’t remember if he apologized. It hardly matters. The damage is done. And now I get to do some damage to his buns.

As if interrupting twice and being a know-it-all wasn’t enough, when I went to snuggle with him he fell asleep! I know it’s not his fault. He hasn’t been sleeping well. But what an ego boost to have him fall asleep as soon as I move over to snuggle. At least I wasn’t actively jerking him off, although he’s done that before too. Eventually I moved away and then he asked if we were going to do anything sexual. Um….I thought so but I was met with snoring. I’m really just giving him a hard time. If you can’t joke about it then it seems more serious. He’ll get all the attention he needs, and then some, tonight.

I’ve decided I should wax him this weekend. I don’t want to leave it till the last minute in case I bruise him. Plus, I’m sure we’ll have all sorts of last minute things to do next weekend before his surgery. In true Lion form, he’s been reading about the surgery and is now wondering if he should find a surgeon who performs a certain technique that has fewer side effects and less pain. I’m sure he’ll be questioning things right up until the anesthesia knocks him out.

[Lion — This falling asleep stuff really bothers me. I have no memory of going to sleep. That’s scary. In one way, I’m not surprised that if I was going to falls asleep I waited until Mrs. Lion was in my arms. I feel so safe and comfortable when were snuggling.]


  1. Lion,

    Mental exertion (in the form of worry over your upcoming surgery?) takes a toll just as does physical exertion. Both make you tired – sometimes a lot more than you realize. If this persists beyond your recovery period, perhaps it will be best to have it checked out. With a likely culprit, though, perhaps it is best to not add this to your list of worries right now?

    I hope Mrs. Lion tans your hide for interrupting and being a know it all. Have fun!!!


    1. She will. It’s not something that I look forward to.

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