Just Because She Can

Whenever I read about enforced male chastity, a large part of the discussion is focused on benefits for the keyholder. For some reason, the guys who write about this practice believe that there have to be concrete reasons why a woman would lock her man’s penis in a chastity device.

I have a very big problem with this concept. Do men really believe that penis bondage is a sensible way to motivate them to do housework? To offer oral sex to their partners? To become better husbands? More importantly, are there any women who consider male chastity as a reasonable way to improve their partners?

I know, that’s a lot of questions. If you think about it, why would anyone associate sexual activities with, say, doing the laundry? As far as I can tell, there seems to be a need to make enforced male chastity about much more than penis bondage. I completely disagree with connecting wearing a chastity device with domestic chores or sexual favors. I think the reason these unrelated activities are associated with wearing a chastity device is that guys feel a need to transfer responsibility for being locked up from themselves to their keyholder.

Mrs. Lion and I have been doing this for six years. It’s never been associated with any activity other than postponing my next orgasm. Enforced chastity is a sexual game. By wearing a chastity device, I transfer control over my ability to ejaculate from me to my partner. It’s no different than when she ties me to the bed face down and spanks me. I’ve transferred control to her. At my request, she uses this control to make me sorry I thought it was a good idea.

We grow up expecting that there has to be a reason for things we do beyond the simple idea that the activity is fun. I really like that Mrs. Lion has complete control over my ability to ejaculate. It’s a big turn on. If she chose to use this control as a way to get me to do things I don’t want to do, I would be pretty upset. On the other hand, if she used it to make me do things I really want to do, like giving her oral sex, it would enhance the chastity experience.

I suspect that one of the reasons some women don’t want to lock their husbands in chastity devices is because they don’t want to deal with all the other stuff that goes along with the fantasy. I’ll bet that if a guy simply says, “I’m really turned on by the idea of being locked in a chastity device and giving you the key.” His partner might decide to indulge him because it gives him pleasure and isn’t a lot of trouble for her.

Mrs. Lion and I have a good time with enforced male chastity. For us, it’s a purely sexual practice and Mrs. Lion feels no need to associate frustrating me with any external activities. She enjoys seeing me horny and I get off being forced to wait. That’s it!

Almost 100% of decisions to lock up the penis are made by the men who own them. Once they propose the practice to their partners, it might be received with enthusiasm, but it’s almost never a woman’s idea. Let’s face it, we males are the ones obsessed with our penises.

Around our house when I’m horny and really want a chance to come, Mrs. Lion will cheerfully tell me, “Not today, sweetie.”

She tells me this while she’s masturbating me right to the edge of ejaculation. Mean lioness! No, not really. It’s what I want. How often I get to come isn’t important to her. Why should it be?

It’s important to me.

That’s my whole point. Enforced male chastity is a male sexual game. I think we all know this in our heart of hearts. There is no logical reason why a woman cares whether or not we ejaculate at any point in time. If she wants to use the penis for her sexual pleasure, then she might have an interest in making sure it can be hard and available when she wants it. Otherwise, she doesn’t much care. In fact, the only logical reason why a woman would want to prevent a man from ejaculating is that she knows that once he does, it will be a while before he will be hard again and available for her pleasure.

I think Mrs. Lion finds it amusing when I’m super horny and she’s playing with my penis and I’m straining to get over the edge. I like that idea. It’s one of the more exciting parts of her sexual control. It’s trivializing my need to ejaculate.

I know that there is no particular reason why she makes me wait. She does, just because she can.