Lion later today.

I rested my arm as much as possible yesterday. It still hurts but that’s as much time as I can devote to slacking off. This morning I fixed the garage door, broke up some ice on the sidewalk, salted the sidewalk and took out some garbage that had been waiting for snow to melt so I could get to the outside can. When I listed the chores I had to do, Lion asked if my arm was better. It isn’t but things have to get done.

I know he feels bad that he can’t help more. I didn’t want him to do as much as he did when we didn’t have power because it was difficult for me to walk in the snow. With his balance issues, it was much more difficult for Lion to walk. But we did what we could together and the rest I did by myself.

The one thing I want to make sure I do is reserve some energy to play with Lion tonight. I didn’t shove a butt plug in him yesterday because moving my arm in certain ways still hurt a lot. Just as chores got behind around here, playing with Lion has gotten behind. He may disagree but I owe him swats for interrupting me yesterday. He doesn’t think he did, but I do and that’s really all that matters. Right, my pet?

I’m not exactly sure how well I’ll do with a one-armed punishment but I am fairly ambidextrous anyway. I tend to change arms along the way. When one gets tired, the other one is more than willing to take up the paddle. And I’m sure what I may lack in length of punishment can be more than made up by strength; or vice versa. The point is, Lion won’t be missing too much on his way to a rosy butt.

Afternoon punishment will give me enough time to recover for evening clothespins on balls or ball tying. Whatever I do, Lion will both love and hate it. I’m positive of that.