Football Injuries

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Mrs. Lion wants to modify our NFL spanking game rules for the big game. In my world, “modify” invariably means more painful. I suggested she double the number of swats per point when the Patriots score. That means, I get two swats when the Rams score for each point and four swats per point when the Patriots score.

According to the TV news this morning, the patriots are predicted to win by four points. So the Lion point spread is 16 swats. Of course, this is just my proposal. Mrs. lion may have something completely different in mind. I imagine I’ll still get a zap from the shock collar for each foul. The NFL game really keeps me jumping.

We are going about things normally again. I know that the upcoming surgery is just below the surface in both of our minds, but there’s absolutely no point dwelling on it. I spent some time yesterday studying the MRI results. The radiology department was kind enough to mark the spot that poses the biggest problem. I’m both amazed and a little depressed when I look at those images. I’m amazed that I can look inside my body and see my spinal column and spinal cord. Unlike an x-ray, which doesn’t really show soft tissue, this high resolution MRI provides a very detailed view of my insides.

Of course, I understand what I’m looking at and it doesn’t make me happy to see the damage in my neck. It’s my nature to dig into things until I get enough information to be satisfied. I’ve done that about my problem and I understand that repair is a fairly safe procedure. Yes, there are risks. Most are very unlikely to occur. One risk is partial paralysis of an arm that lasts several months. This happens in about one third of the surgeries. Just something else to worry about.

Meanwhile, back to things we can control, I’m excited about our Super Bowl play. It should be big fun. Assuming I don’t get to ejaculate sooner, Sunday will be my fifth day. I know, that’s not very long and I’m not claiming that Mrs. Lion has indicated an orgasm is scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday.

As you may have guessed, my sex drive is coming back. It was hiding because I was genuinely afraid I would have to spend time in an immobilizing neck brace. According to the surgeon, there is no scenario where I will need to wear a brace. That takes an enormous load off my mind and allows my thoughts to drift south to Mrs. Lion’s weenie. She hasn’t locked me up since the MRI. Of course, I’m writing this on Friday afternoon and later tonight, I may find myself locked in one of the devices.

It’s entirely too easy to dwell on my upcoming surgery. I can’t claim that I’ve been very good about putting it out of my mind. I got very little sleep Thursday night and ended up watching TV until after 3 AM. I hope that it will be different going forward.

I’d like to thank our friends for the kind comments sent my way. They mean a lot to me.


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